Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Traditions...The Countdown to Christmas

Only 8 more days until Christmas!

Seriously, 8 days until Christmas. Are you ready for the big birthday celebration?!? The countdown is on. Let's make this Jesus' best birthday yet!

On to the Christmas tradition:

I love Christmas traditions, and I'm sure you're tired of hearing me say that each one is one of my favorites, but this one really really is. It ranks right up there with delivering food on Christmas day. Actually, it ranks even higher. Today's Christmas tradition is celebrating Jesus' birthday with singing, praising, and CAKE!Every year, we have a birthday celebration for Jesus on Christmas day. We sing "Happy Birthday" to Him, and we even have birthday cake. Sadly, I don't have a picture of one of our actual cakes (I'm sure I do, I'm just too lazy to find it), so I found one online that I like.

This year, we're getting one of my very favorite types of cakes...Dairy Queen ice cream cake! I was going to make a peanut butter cake this year, but Channing's mom suggested picking up an ice cream cake from DQ. Hey, that sounds good to me! :)

Happy Birthday, Jesus! We can't wait to celebrate (well, celebrate more, if you will. Every day this month has been a celebration leading up to the big day)!

What about you? Do you have something extra special you do on Christmas day to celebrate Jesus' birthday?


Hillary Dunham said...

We have done a birthday cake for Jesus since I was very little and it has always been my favorite thing! I LOVED eating cake for breakfast- something about a sugar high by 6 am = Christmas in our house!
I've read about a lot of people doing this with a red velvet cake and white icing and associating it with Jesus shedding his blood (red) so that we could be clean (white), but I think the Dunhams are going to go with good old German chocolate this year. :-)