Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Traditions...The Countdown to Christmas

Only 16 more days until Christmas!

I'm back to share another of our family's Christmas traditions. My goal is to post one of our traditions each day leading up to Christmas, but as you can see, I've missed a few days. I'm having some trouble with our home computer.

One of our most favorite family traditions takes place on Christmas day. Each Christmas, this year will our third year to do it (both our boys were super sick last Christmas), our family (Channing, me, the boys, and Channing's parents) deliver food to the elderly and to shut-ins. The food is offered and prepared by The Jimmie Hale Mission.Our first year to do this was 2005. I called The Jimmie Hale Mission because Channing and I wanted to serve in the soup kitchen on Christmas day, serving food to the homeless. It was our first year to be home for Christmas and to begin our very own family traditions. Serving the homeless was at the top of our list. We really wanted to do something meaningful on Christmas day, something that would change lives. We also wanted our kids to be a part of whatever we did.

When I called the mission, though, they were already flooded with volunteers for the soup kitchen but were in need of people to deliver food to shut-ins. I asked to be placed on the list, and we all headed downtown. We picked up the food and our lists and headed out on the trail. It should have taken thirty minutes, but it took more like two hours. Yeah, we got lost a few times. :) It was worth every minute, though. Seeing how some people live, I was overcome with gratitude for all that I have been given. Each time we deliver, I have a renewed compassion for people. These people may need us, but we need them more.

I called this week and signed us up. I was excited to find that they still needed help. If you're in the Birmingham area and have a desire to reach out to those in need, I strongly encourage you to consider the Jimmie Hale Mission. It will be well worth your time! The number is 205-323-5878.


~k said...

Oh my gracious! Somehow I have gotten behind on your blog and I completely missed the November 27th post where you made your big announcement! I just noticed the mention of it in your random thoughts below and thought "WHAT?!?!"

Donna said...

What a wonderful way to spend Christmas. Marc grew up going to nursing homes on Christmas morning and delivering presents. What wonderful memories you are giving your children! Love all your traditions- especially the children's tree in the dining room- so cute! P.S. I bet you are ADORABLE pregnant- you could NEVER be big!