Monday, December 15, 2008

It Better Tell Me The Weather

Ok, so my mom asked me a few weeks back what to get Asher. He's little, he's got plenty, but the only thing I could really think that he needs and would be excited about would be a chair. He and Tristan constantly battle over a Mickey Mouse chair that someone gave Tristan when he was little, so I thought he would be thrilled to have a chair of his own.

My mom, knowing that Asher loves the Wiggles (aka "Wee Wees"), set out on a quest to find a Wiggles seat. What she found is that the Wiggles are no longer the "it" thing. You can't find Wiggles stuff anywhere. It's almost as if they never existed, a far cry from the days when Tristan was this age. You can find the DVDs but no toys or other merchandise.

Unable to find anything Wiggles, she looked for Mickey Mouse. Again, she hit a dead end. No Mickey either. She was able to find an Elmo chair. She didn't get it the first time she saw it because she was so busy looking for the other characters. I, in trying to prepare Asher for a new character, showed him an Elmo DVD. He responded well and now knows who Elmo is, so my mom made a trip back to Wal-Mart to retrieve the prized (and only remaining) Elmo chair. When she put it on the conveyor belt, it giggled. Lo and behold, she had an Elmo Giggle and Shake chair.

What's the big deal? An Elmo Giggle and Shake chair is probably just a little added bonus, right? I would think so. Thing is, when I went on to see what the chair looked like (I had seen it a couple of days prior but hadn't realized which one it was exactly), I saw that people are asking up to $250 for this chair!!! Seriously. I checked on this chair a couple of days ago, and it was going for $39.99 (exactly what it sales for at Wal-Mart). Well...Toys R Us is sold out and so is Wal-Mart, so people are hawking them for WAAAAAAAAAAY more. Is that CRAZY or what?! I mean, I get that people want their kids to have a cool chair, but $200?! Seriously???

I could never pay that much for an Elmo chair that normally sells for approximately $200 less. Just couldn't do it. But yea for Asher. He's not getting as much as Tristan because I keep telling my mom and mil that he's little and doesn't need anything and doesn't know the difference (my mom disagrees). Well, now it appears that he's getting the hot ticket item, a sought after Elmo Giggle and Shake chair. I'm sure the magnitude of this will impact him greatly.

For those out there who will pay $100 or more for this chair, I hope yours tells you the weather or something. Surely it will have to do something other than giggle.


Amy said...

Ellie Kate LOVES Elmo, but $200+ falls under the ridiculous. Forget the weather that little red guy better do some cooking and cleaning.
Ross and I have told our parents the same thing--our children have plenty! I told my mom that anything large that she buys will have to stay at her house.

I don't know if you read my husband's blog, The Still, but I really think that you would enjoy it. After his most recent post, I directed him to one of your former posts about the santa debate. He enjoyed it. There's a link to his blog on mine.

Hillary Dunham said...

Please tell me you saw the Office the other night with Dwight and the dolls. It was hilarious! Those scrooges are out there to monopolize us!! I wouldn't do it, either, Annie. :-)

annieck said...

Amy, I will have to check out Ross's blog. I have not done that. Thanks for telling me about it!
It is ridiculous what people are willing to pay and to gouge others for. CRAZY!
I missed the Office. :( I think I'm the only weirdo who doesn't watch it. I hear everyone rave about it, so I need to get on the bandwagon. Thanks for the reminder, Hil!

holly said...

Ughh! Hadley loves the wiggles too...why? I say sell Asher's Elmo chair when you get it ;)

The Hairston's said...

CRAZY! It seems that Elmo is always the hot buy of the year! Reading this reminded me of the Office episode from the other night too! HILARIOUS!