Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Traditions...The Countdown to Christmas

DAY 3~Only 21 more days until Christmas!
I missed a day because my sweet Ash is under the weather. I'll probably miss the next few days too. Who knows?

Today is day three of my posts sharing our family's Christmas traditions. My goal is to post one of our traditions each day leading up to Christmas.

One of my personal favorite traditions is doing our Christmas trees. Every year, we get a live tree and use an artificial tree. The artificial tree goes in our dining room. I call it our "kid tree". It's got the colored lights and the Santa, snowman, and reindeer ornaments. I also put all the ornaments the kids make on that tree. It's our super fun tree, and I love it!
This was our "fun tree" from last year after Tristan decorated it (before I fixed it and added the rest of the ornaments). See how all the ornaments are in the same spot at the bottom of the tree?

Our live tree goes in our living room. We always get a frasier fir (I think that's right). On this tree we put (ok, I put) white lights and all our other ornaments on it...the nativity scenes, our collected ornaments from trips...lots of stuff. It's our "pretty tree". We love it because it makes the house smell grrrrrrrrreat! And this year, we got an added bonus. We paid a THIRD for our tree than we have paid in year's past. Usually we pay about $90 for our tree (I know). This year, thanks to Marvins, we got a beautiful tree for $30!!! Isn't that awesome?! It looks just like the $90 trees, minus the extra green we had to spend!

Ok, so this was our tree from last year. It was looking pretty rough by Christmas day. See how it's leaning and all the branches are droopy? Yeah, it was ready to go. Oh, and does anyone know the trick for getting a good picture of your Christmas tree? With the lights on, the pictures look terrible, and with the lights off, their bad too. What am I doing wrong???

My dream is to one day have a tree in every room of our house. Each tree will have its own theme. Currently, we have plenty of ornaments, it's just the trees that we don't have. At the end of each December, I plan to buy an aritificial tree when it's on sale, but I never do. Maybe this year will be different??? My mom said that she'll give us her aritifical tree (the one that is not pre-lit). I'm thrilled with that because it will give us three! YEA!!!

So how do you do your tree(s)? Do you do one tree? More? Colored lights? White? Themes?
Share! I want to hear ALL about it!!!



LeAnne said...

We just do one tree!! I love Christmas...I DO NOT LOVE taking down and packing up ALL the stuff!! One tree is ENOUGH for me...although i'm considering giving the kids their own tree so that I don't have to redo the whole thing after they "help" me decorate.

Rachael said...

LOVE the trees...especially Tristan's decor. :) How long did it take for you to "fix it"? :) We have one tree and ornaments is what we're lacking...I really have to get some more. I would really like to go with a theme, but it has not happened yet. I also would love to let Josiah put a little tree in his room, but that hasn't happened either! Oh well! Maybe I can catch a good sale after Christmas too...I also always say I will but never do.

Eve said...

This year, we only have one tree which I actually let Genna help me decorate this year. I put most of the ornaments on, but left a few for her to add, but she mostly just played with them and I ended up hanging them, too.
I am hoping, just like you mentioned, to buy another small tree after Christmas this year for Genna's room next year. She would love it this year, but I'm afraid she would stay up all night looking at it! She is so fascinated with anything and everything Christmas!

Brandi said...

We have our 1 big tree that has our "real" ornaments (ones we have collected over the years), 1 smaller tree that I had before we got married with red/green/silver balls on it and one skinny tree with no decorations just lights. I LOVE trees and lights. I would love to have one in every room. One day.