Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Final Game and T-Ball Party

Sadly, our t-ball season came to an end last week. We played the Diamondbacks, and though we played a phenomenal game, we came up short in the last inning. We lost but were so incredibly proud of our little men. They did AWESOME! Here are some pictures from our last game.

My adorable second baseman. He played SO well, even catching a hard ball and getting someone out on second. He was very proud of himself!Lining up to congratulate the Diamondbacks after the game:The last team talk and prayer with Coach B.J. He was a great coach!After every game, Asher had a blast running the bases and yelling, "TIME!" He'll be ready when he gets to t-ball. :)Hat cocked, snack in hand, smile on face. It was a fun game!My Tristan and his favorite first base coach:We were so thankful that Mimi and PaPa were able to make it to so many games this year. It meant a lot to Tristan to have them there. This isn't a picture from the Diamondbacks game (they weren't able to make it to that one), but rather was taken at the first tournament game against the Cubs. We won that one! ;)And the team party. It was at a local pizza place that has an arcade. The boys had a BLAST! Here is our adorable team:Our team mom (the GREATEST EVER!) had this cake and cupcakes made. Each cupcake was designed to look like one of our players. It was TOO CUTE! She was all upset because she dropped them on the way into the party, and they got all messed up. I still thought they looked great...and tasted AMAZING! Tristan shooting some basketball:Ready for pizza!And, of course, the most favorite part of the party...THE TROPHY!!! All the boys were super proud of their trophies, and Tristan was no exception. Here he is showing it off:T-ball is over. Sad, sad, sad. Loved this season and am looking so forward to the fall. In the meantime, I guess we'll have lots of fun practicing and with his new love, golf!


Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

So much fun! I am super impressed wtih those cupcakes!! And isn't the trophy the best part?