Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Thursday's Random Thoughts

Happy Thursday, folks! Once again, it's time for my completely obscure and random thoughts. These are thoughts that have popped into my head this week, for better or for worse.
Here goes:T-ball is officially over. We played our last game (ok, when I say "we" I mean Tristan and the rest of his team. Though I get into it as if I were on the team, I am merely a bystander...a loud bystander). We made it to the second of three games in the playoffs and were hanging in until the fourth inning. Sadly, we made some fatal errors at bat during the fourth inning and were unable to recover. The other team won, but it didn't feel that way. Our boys played such an amazing game and improved so much this season, it felt like they won. They batted great, they fielded great (Tristan had an AMAZING catch at second and ran to get the runner out. He was SO proud of himself, and I was so proud, I had to fight back the tears. The joy on his face over what he had done was a priceless treasure!). We had a great season, with a great team, and great coaches. I'm incredibly sad it's over, but I still have the fall season to look forward to.

Yesterday, as I was heading to work, I saw some little girls doing a little dance routine behind their house. Did you do that growing up? Don't all little girls? I remember my friends and I making up little dance routines and doing them over and over and over. Of course, we had to make up our own because we didn't make cheerleading when we were little. But really, who needs to make the squad when you can make up your own dances? I mean, we were just as cool, right?

Speaking of making cheerleading, I finally made it in middle school, but I often wonder how in the world I made it. I was AWFUL. I mean really really terrible. I'm pretty sure the judges must have had it out for our middle school. When I look back at videos, I cringe. My skinny legs, my lack of coordination, it was scary. No wonder the eighth grade cheerleaders hated my in the seventh grade! I cheered in HS too, with my skinny legs. I think I was a little better then than in middle school, but still, my skinny legs were not cute, not cute at all. My parents used to say that I had sticks with knots on the back. Yep, that pretty much described my legs. Too bad it's all too easy to gain extra weight these days!

Tuesday night, I attended my first meeting at Tristan's soon to be kindergarten. It was so surreal. I mean, how is it that my baby is old enough to go to big school?! When exactly did that happen??? I had a really hard time with it. I cried all the way home, which made Channing super happy because he thought that would be his chance to convince me to homeschool. It didn't happen. I just can't believe that my baby is going to be going to big school, eating in the lunchroom, going to recess, etc. *SOB*

Speaking of my meeting, ok, seriously. How hard is it to listen to other people's questions so that the rest of us don't have to hear the same questions and answers (phrased only slightly differently) over and over and over again? Really. Aren't we all adults? I don't know why, but that kind of thing drives me crazy. I'm pretty sure if I had been one of the ladies leading the meeting, I would have given a big sarcastic smile and said, "Like I told the other two moms who asked, 'Yes, it's ok for your child to come TO school one way and to GO home another way." Some of the answers to the questions people were asking were in the little book they gave us (which I was reading during the repeat questions). I so desperately wanted to tell the moms to read their guides. I didn't, though. Instead, I sat in a meeting that was supposed to last an hour, but lasted longer, while people repeated the same questions.

Guess what?! This has NEVER happened to me before. This is my third pregnancy, and when I went to the doctor's office on Tuesday, I had not gained ANY WEIGHT. Can you believe it?! I mean, yeah sure, it was only a week...but still! I ALWAYS gain weight. Wow, I'm feeling pretty Cindy Crawford-like this week. Maybe I should break out my bikini this weekend. Ok, I'm not totally out of my mind...just yet.

When I had Asher, they had to page my doctor three times before he finally showed up. He was almost delivered by a nurse. I figured my doc was just super busy or something, but after Channing and I saw him Tuesday, I'm pretty sure he was just out bird-watching. You see, my doc likes birds...he's one of those "bird-watching people". As we were driving by to park, we saw our doc out strolling, in no particular hurry. I laughed and made some jokes about how he seemed to be enjoying himself and didn't seem to be in a hurry. Then I got into the waiting room and laughed even harder. The room was PACKED. Yes, he is one of three docs in the practice, but come on. When his nurse called me back, she said he was out doing a c-section. Clearly he wasn't too worried about anyone waiting on him. As for how long we waited, we were there an hour and a half. Nice, right? I still love my doc, though, even if he takes his time.

While we were waiting, I saw an ad in one of the magazines in his office. It was for a pregnancy test that doubles as a gender predictor. WHA?! Really? I mean, would you trust that? I just don't think I would. I think it's a gimmick to get your money. They have a 50% shot, right? If they get that 50% right, you think it's a great product. If not, oh well, they can't offer guarantees, right?

During this pregnancy, I had the misfortune of developing a horrible, terrible, life-sucking (it seems that way, anyway) condition called PUPPP (Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy). It is the most awful, hideous, and uncomfortable (for the lack of a better word, "uncomfortable" doesn't even BEGIN to explain the pain and need to claw and scratch your skin off feeling). It is really horrible, and I wouldn't wish this condition on anyone. Thing is, I also developed PUPPP with Asher. Well, actually, after having Asher. It was HORRIBLE, MUCH worse case then. I had no idea what it was, and my doctor didn't either. He sent me to a dermatologist (I'll have to share that story later...totally hilarious and totally offensive, that guy. Let's just say that at two weeks post-partum, no mom wants to hear that she "still looks pregnant"). Anyway, this time I developed it during pregnancy, which is much more common. Problem is only 11.something % of women develop this after a first pregnancy. Less than 11% get it post-partum. Around 11% or less get this condition more than one time. 70% have boys....the list goes on. What in the world?! I told my doctor that it makes NO SENSE. Why am I in these LOW percentages?! You know what he said??? "I like to think you're special." WHAT?! I told him I did not want to be special. I'll take average or below-average, thank you very much.

With PUPPP, no one knows the cause (though many speculate...all differently), and no one knows the cure. Of course, docs want to induce, but according to what I've read, the rash sticks around still. My doc offered the induction. No thank you! I did, however, find the closest thing to a cure...PRAISE THE LORD! It's called Grandpa's Pine Tar Soap...the Wonder bar. Can I tell you, it is AWESOME! This rash is supposed to last throughout the pregnancy and up to two weeks after (on average, it lasts 6 weeks...6 weeks of feeling like you want to claw your skin off). Mine is almost gone after four days because of this awesome soap! I got it at a health food store in town, and it works miracles! Now, I DO go around smelling like a pine tree, but hey, I'll take it over red welps on my stomach.

On the subject of this great condition called PUPPP, let me take this time to point out that NO pregnant woman in their last trimester (when they're feeling their most beautiful) wants to have a condition that likens itself to a dog. NO PREGNANT WOMAN, I TELL YOU! How embarrassing to not only have this horrible rash, but to have to tell anyone that you have PUPPP. Most people look at me like I'm crazy when I tell them. Oh yeah, I feel GORGEOUS! I'm the big, fat pregnant chick with PUPPP. That's me!

So my mom totally called and ruined the AI results for me. I never would have answered her call had I known she was going to call and blurt out the winner. Who knew she even watched the show?! Of course, I wanted to ruin it for Channing too. It's only fair that we both had our show spoiled, right? Well, I didn't. I let him be surprised, but it sure was tough!

While I'm talking about AI, is it just me, or does Matt Giraud remind you of Freddy Kreuger? I think it's the hat. He always has on that hat.

"If you want my body, and you think I'm sexy, come on sugar let me know..." Um, yeah. Some of those guys definitely should not have been allowed to sing that song while dancing last night. It gave me shivers, and not in a good way. I'm pretty sure I saw some of the most un-sexy moves I've ever seen. Rod Stewart was sexier than an idol contestant or two that was up over-bouncing during the song. Sad, but true.

I have to say that having Kris and Adam sing "We are the Champions" together was not entirely (or even kinda) fair. Clearly Adam Lambert has a Queen voice. There was no way Kris could come close on that one. It's not his genre. Oh well.

Both Adam and Kris are AMAZING. I think they'll both do incredibly well. I love me some Kris Allen, though! What a GREAT season...the best ever!

That's all I've got for this week, folks. Sorry, I know these thoughts aren't very entertaining, but this is what has been on my mind this week. What's been on your mind??? Please share. It sure would make a big, fat pregnant woman with PUPPP very happy!


ATinkLife said...

Thank you for finally posting! With a sick little boy I needed your thought to keep me sane! Don't see too much into that one okay!
On the girls dancing thing, I did that too, in the front yard of my neighbor's, the giraffe of four other little girls. We were good with our batons though and I could throw mine over the power line and catch it!
On the PUPP thing, with M&M I had what was diagnosed as a combo of psoriasis and eczema on my hands, elbows, head, etc. Had it with JJ,too but inbetween it stayed on my head. Weird! I am glad you found some relief, though. It is pretty nasty to have stuff like that, especially while pregnant.
Do you have meals set up yet for when the sweet girl arrives?

Rachel said...

I enjoy your blog even though we have never met. I think I found your blog through a mutual friend's blog.

I had PUPPP with my 2nd pregnancy last year (a girl) and it is the most miserable thing I have EVER experienced. I got so tired of people saying, "Oh, so it is just a rash? That doesn't sound bad." A bad rash wouldn't keep you up crying at night from all the itching! After doing tons of reading on-line for relief I also found Pine Tar Soap and used it 2x a day to finally get relief. Mine flared up during delievery and was gone at 2 weeks postpartum. So sorry!

Nathan and Rachel Greenfield said...

i am glad that soap is helping you- PUPPP sounds awful! way to go on not gaining weight!!
love the thoughts- AI was spoiled for me, also, but i managed to keep from ruining it for nate even though i realllly wanted to tell him!

Donna said...

Oh Annie I'm so sorry you had PUPPs! I hear it's awful- I'm so glad you found that soap- I have to remember that for friends in the future. I agree that Matt on AI looked like Freddie- I just didn't like it. And the difference b/w Kris's performance playing guitar with Keith Urban vs. Adam's playing with KISS coming out of the ceiling with pyrotechnics seemed uneven. I know what you mean about kindergarten- how did our boys get so big?!!!!