Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It Stopped Raining Every Once in a While

This past weekend, the boys and I packed up and headed down to the lake for some R & R (we certainly didn't head down there for the sun and warm weather). The boys LOVE going to the lake and hanging out with Mimi and PaPa, so they had a blast, despite all the rain. Here are some pictures from our Memorial Day weekend:

The boys feeding the ducks. These ducks are so trained. They showed up at the house at breakfast time, lunch time, and dinner time. I mean, do ducks not fish for their own food anymore???I LOVE these boys!!!My three favorite boys riding the Sea Doo. I don't which of the three likes it best. It's safe to say, it's a family favorite.Here are the boys having lunch on Mimi and PaPa's new covered deck. Until this year, the deck has been uncovered, but the covering is this year's new addition. Needless to say, it's a hit with the family! This family of boys, including PaPa, loves to eat outside. They don't mind the mosquitos as much as I do.Gotta love corn on the cob!My boys do!And finally, Tristan's new favorite! PaPa took him to the driving range at the club this weekend, and it's official...he LOVES it! He now has his own clubs and is planning to take some lessons this summer. I know I'm his mom, but he was hitting it pretty well, especially for a kid who has never played. The next Tiger Woods? Probably not, considering he's starting at five and Tiger was already prospering at three, but who knows? It will be fun for him to learn and something he can do with his daddy and PaPa. Golf is a sport you can play all your life. Gotta love that, right?Isn't he the cutest? Of course, he was breaking the "collar rule". We made sure to send him in a collared shirt the next day. Golf is a gentleman's game, and he didn't look much like a gentleman the first day.Well, those are just a few of our snapshots. I hope you had a great Memorial weekend!