Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Rhythm is Gonna Get You?

I believe it was Gloria Estefan that told us that. Right? Well, I can say after last night's Dodgers vs. Braves game (not the majors, folks... t-ball, of course!), the rhythm does not always get you. Tristan's team, the Braves, played the #1 t-ball team last night, the Dodgers. Let me say, we all knew it would be tough to win. The Dodgers are pretty amazing; however, I didn't expect us to have such a tough time finding our rhythm last night. Seriously, anything that could go wrong with our team did. Case in point, before the game even started, our third baseman (and one of our best players) had an asthma attack and couldn't play. Not a good start.

We got out, fair and square, several times, but then we also had some really crazy outs. Outs nonetheless, but outs that NEVER happen. One out: Tristan was running home, totally outran the first baseman who was trying to get him out, but missed the plate. He stepped right over it. So guess what? He was out. His coach was not happy with him after that one. Poor Tristan. I think he was told by four or five people on the way back to the dugout to make sure he touches home plate (btw, to this moment, he still insists he touched the plate...Sadly, I saw it. He missed it). Another crazy out: One of our boys was running from second to third, and the ball hit him in the foot. He tried to jump over it, but he couldn't avoid it. It hit him, and he was out. CRAZY!
Next crazy out: One of our boys was running to first, and instead of running straight through the base, he turned just a little and ran smack into the first baseman...who was holding the ball. It was a huge collision, both boys crying, and guess what? Our boy was out. I mean, these things never happen. We were just not meant to win last night.

Now let me tell you about the Dodgers. They are a good team, a really good team, but they also have a dangerous weapon. This weapon comes in the form of a really tall (freshly turned) five year old. A five year old who hit a grand slam, over the fence, last Saturday. The kid's last name is Quick, and well, it suits him. I've never seen a kid hit like this kid. The coach has him batting clean up, so every time he gets up to the plate, he is a guarantee to score four runs. When you only have to score seven runs before your turn is up, you can see how having this kid is a HUGE advantage.

Now don't get me wrong, he's not the only good kid on this team. They have some other good players, like the rest of us, but he is beyond good. It would be like playing church softball, and the church across town is playing with Chipper Jones or something, or if your office was playing basketball against an office across town, and they had Shaq on their team. The whole team isn't going to depend solely on Chipper Jones or Shaq to get the job done, but they would be a huge part...huge. Let me also say that the Dodgers have an experienced head coach who does a great job too. He knows just how to turn every batter to hit it in any holes there may be on the field. That, my friends, comes from much experience. He's a nice guy and a good coach. It is obvious that he knows what he's doing (on a side note, we have a great coach too. He is a man of integrity and a good leader...very important when there are other coaches yelling and screaming at umps, kids, and other coaches).

So, the future looks bleak if we have to play against Mr. Quick every year. The kid is a force. Let's just hope some of the rest of our boys catch up, or we at least get on his team. :)

Here is Tristan at bat. He didn't hit as well last night as he normally does (again, the whole "finding our rhythm thing"). He got on base every time, though. Way to go, Tristan!
On second, waiting for his chance to run.After the game, he was still happy...despite the loss. First thing he told me, "Mommy, we loseded." I told him it was ok because they gave it their best, and that's what makes us and God happy. As you can see from his face, he seemed ok with the loss. I mean, a popcicle and snack cures it all, right?
And as his mom, I sure think he's a super cute t-ball player, win or lose, out or safe.On a fun note, we got to play against one of Tristan's best buddies, T. T is a great hitter! I didn't really get to watch him play third base because I was so busy watching and cheering for our batters and runners, but I sure enjoyed watching him hit. Great job, T!

Here is T with Tristan. He wasn't interested in smiling for the camera. It was much more fun to do silly faces. Super funny story...first thing T said to Tristan when we went over to see him, "Y'all had eight points, and we had 19!" Ha! Love T!!!A silly shot:Another silly face:We didn't win last night, but we sure were entertained. It was a super fun game, and we are proud of the Dodgers. They have yet to lose. They are definitely the envy of many teams (if you only knew). Way to go, Dodgers! Way to go, Braves! I'm super proud of you guys!!!


Rachael said...

I have to say that in the 1st picture with T. Tristan looks JUST like Channing! JUST like him.

The Hairston's said...

GREAT pics!!! Gotta love Tball!

Jeremy and Michelle said...

So fun!! I love the play by play updates! Jeremy can't wait for these days!