Monday, May 4, 2009

Who Needs Floss Anyway?

Today was a big day for our boys. It was teeth-cleaning day. This was Asher's very first dental visit and Tristan's second (I know, I know. We missed some visits. We're back on track now, though). Both boys were very excited about visiting Dr. Massey (aka Coach Massey~he is one of Tristan's t-ball coaches, and he's awesome!). Here are some shots from our visit:

The boys posing in the play area. Dr. Massey has a great play area. The boys were thoroughly entertained!
Always a favorite...the school bus!
Tristan's smile~ pre-cleaning:
Asher's smile~ pre-cleaning (it really helps having a big brother. I can convince Asher to do all kinds of things if big brother does it too):Asher's first trip on the dental chair. As you can see by his hand over his eye (his automatic response when he's being shy), he was really apprehensive:
"Open wide, Asher." Um, yeah. He wasn't so keen on opening wide at first. Notice his lips are clamped together:
Once he tasted the bubblegum toothpaste, he was more than willing to open up!
For the most part, Asher did GREAT on his first cleaning. He did have a breakdown when the hygenist started flossing his teeth. He lost it. So she gave up on the flossing. I mean, who needs floss anyway, right?
Here he is post-cleaning. You can still see the tears from the flossing experience. He enjoyed watching brother take his turn on the dental table.
Big brother did an awesome job on the table...he did last time too! He really likes going to the dentist. Let's hope he enjoys it throughout his lifetime.
The funniest part of the visit was when the hygenist brought Tristan to the table after taking his x-rays. She told me she asked Tristan where he got his pretty curls from. She said he said, "Jesus, I think." She said, "What?" He said, "Jesus and my dad, I think." She got a big kick out of that. :)
Here he is getting his teeth cleaned:
He is such a big boy!All clean!!!
While we were waiting for Dr. Massey to come inspect their teeth, Asher had a great time checking out the Noah's Ark mural on the wall. He LOVED the zebras.
Here is Tristan showing off his loot. Notice his coin? It was for the prize machine at the checkout desk:
Dr. Massey checking out Tristan's teeth. A clean bill of health! No cavities! Woo hoo!!!
Asher getting his checked. Great job, Ash! Cavity-free!!!
The prize machine...a definite Tristan favorite. He remembered it very well from his last visit.
After the visit, we had to go straight to daddy's office to show him the boys' pearly whites. Asher was excited to show his:
And Tristan was next:
All in all, our trip to the dentist was GREAT! Both boys were good patients, we have THE best pediatric dentist and dental office, and the boys had a blast. What more could a mom ask for?


Mandy Smith said... fun! I love that...,"Jesus and my dad!"

The Hairston's said...

How cute is it that Tristan said "Jesus and my dad!" That is so sweet! So glad they did well!!