Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday's Random Thoughts's Thursday! I don't know how your week has gone, but this has been a looooong one for me. Yesterday seemed like it should have been Thursday to me. Oh well. Thursday is finally here which means that I don't have to work tomorrow...woo hoo!

Since it's finally Thursday, it's time for my random thoughts. These are just strange and random things that have popped into my head this week. Remember when reading, I am a huge, hormonal pregnant woman in the last month of my pregnancy. That means, my thoughts may make absolutely no sense. Hey, they don't even make sense to me!
Here goes:Tuesday night, after Tristan's t-ball game, we were heading home and saw the strangest sight. Actually, saw and heard the strangest thing... At a traffic light, we pulled up beside a man, he had to be in his 60s, on a motorcycle jamming (and I mean was LOUD) out to Avril Lavigne's "Complicated". I don't know why, but seeing a man in his 60's, with all his Harley biker gear on (head scarf included), jamming out to Avril Lavigne just strikes me as funny.

Am I the only one who finds all kinds of things to do in order to avoid cleaning? I do. I may take a nap, check the weather online, check the mail, read the paper, just whatever. I do whatever I can to avoid cleaning. It's a problem really.

Can you believe "Lost" won't be back on until 2010? AND if I had to guess, I would say not until February. What is up with that? Not only that, but when it does come back on, it will be the final season. What in the world will I do when this show ends?! I will probably cry and go through withdrawals. It's what I do.

I am super pumped about American Idol!!! Can't wait for next week's shows!!!

Have you guys seen this thing? My mil told me about it, and I am super impressed.

It's called a tummy tub. My mil saw it on the "Today Show" and told me how impressive it was. She said they had like eight babies in these tubs and NONE OF THEM WERE CRYING. Can you imagine?! A bath where no babies are crying? That seems almost foreign to me. Anyway, this tub has been widely used throughout Europe for years. They say it gives the baby the feeling of being back in the womb. It looks really cool, and I think I'm going to have to have one. They're pretty pricey at $45, BUT it's something you use every day (well I would, anyway. I have to wash my kids EVERY day. I just love the smell of a clean baby, and who doesn't feel and sleep better after a bath?). I thought it was so cool, I wanted to share. Check out the site and demo for yourself. Just click on this link: tummy tub.

So now that I'm in the last month of my pregnancy, I have had to start going to the doctor every week. Ugh. I mean, as if every other week wasn't bad enough, I now have to go every week. These visits seem like such a waste of time. I go, I pee, I weigh, get my blood pressure checked, he checks for progress (which is totally pointless, by the way. I mean, all that could change overnight or never change. No one knows), and he asks me if I have any questions. Seeing as how this is my third pregnancy (and with the same doc each time), I never have any questions. I pretty much know what to expect. Why oh why do I have to waste time each week driving down there and sitting and waiting? I'm over it.

When you're pregnant, people feel open to say whatever is on their minds...and I mean whatever. I learned that best with my first two pregnancies ("You're HUGE! Are you SURE it's not twins? Positive?!"), where any and every offensive comment possible came my way. This time, I really haven't had too much of that. Maybe everyone in America reads my blog. ;) However, there is a woman who works at Sonic that feels the need to share really strange and random things about her pregnancy (from 20 years ago) with me every time I go through her line (I go a couple of times a week for a large cup of ice. Their ice is the best!). In the past nine months, she has told me how she smoked all through her pregnancy, how her daughter is now pregnant (I hear that EVERY week), and most recently, she told me about how she misses feeling the baby move in her tummy. This comment (about missing the movement) only came after she told me that she misses being pregnant because that is the only time you can be free of your monthly flow. Nice, lady...real nice. I really didn't need or want to hear that. I could have happily picked up my ice and been on my merry way. Who knows what she'll tell me next week?

I have so much to get done before this baby gets here, but I am so over being pregnant. It's sad because it's my last pregnancy, but I am past the point of enjoying this stage of my life. I am BIG, uncomfortable (there is SO much MORE pressure the third time around), have to get up and pee three times a night, and the heartburn...oh the heartburn. I know I'll look back at this time one day and think of how wonderful it was. It's just hard to imagine that right now. I am blessed, though. I am so fortunate to be pregnant with this gift. I'm just ready to meet her on the outside. Then I'll have to learn how to maneuver three kids. Am I crazy?! Will I figure it out?!

I have this nice, new, pretty chandelier that I am dying to hang in Rhiannon's nursery. Thing is, my husband isn't quite as pumped about it as I am. That means, he is in no hurry to find someone to hang it for us (or to help him figure out how to hang it). She is due in three and half weeks, and I really want to finish her nursery, and I really want to see the chandelier hanging. Why isn't he as excited as I am?! This goes right along with painting. I had planned to paint her room. You should have seen his face on that one. He was WAY more willing to drop a fortune on new bedding, curtains, etc. than to touch a paintbrush (we didn't spend a fortune on all new stuff, but we did redo the nursery). I told him I would do it, but he didn't believe me. So when will my chandelier get hung??? Will it? Do you know how to do it??? If you come help me, I'll cook for you and smile really big. Is there anything better than making a BIG, uncomfortable, hormonal pregnant woman happy??? ;)

*AFTERNOON UPDATE*: I had to share this. It's just too wild. So this afternoon, I was doing a google search of "how to hang a chandelier" (I want this done ASAP, people!), and once I got to "how to ha", google started offering suggestions of searches. Guess what was #1??? "How to have sexual intercourse for the first time". SERIOUSLY! And you know HOW MANY searches that has gotten??? You won't believe this... 67,900,000!!! I am NOT kidding!!! Can you believe that?! Almost 70 million people have googled how to have sexual intercourse for the first time. Ok, on so many levels, I just don't get this. Let's just assume that all these people were preparing for their honeymoons (I know, I'm sure at least a thousand weren't), but let's assume they were. Do people really need the internet to tell them how to have sexual intercourse for the first time? Really?! I thought it was just a natural thing. I mean, how in the world did Adam and Eve get by without google???

Ok, that's all I've got for this week. I'm sure your random thoughts are much more entertaining. Please share! We would all love to know what goes on in your head.

Have a great weekend!!!


ATinkLife said...

Annie, I think I just laughed so hard my contacts moved! The afternoon update was hysterical. I totally sympathize with you on all the other points, too. Our second didn't have the creature comforts either, so don't feel too bad. At least Rhiannon won't be sleeping in a laundry basket for the first month!
Hope you feel better with the heartburn. Ice was also what I craved to get rid of heartburn.

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

- I totally agree about the cleaning. Same here.
- The harley man cracks me up. That's just wrong on some level.
- and the tub is just a little weird, Annie. I have to tell you. It resembles a tube from Chemistry class and that seems a bit creepy.
- And the nursery will get done. Just go into a little false labor! ha!

Tummy Tub said...

The Tummy Tub is a perfect invention. I love my Tummy Tub and I hope they have a new shipment come in soon so I can order another one.

holly said...

tummy tub fascinates me. but i wonder if it is hard to actually bathe the baby in there. you know, getting to all the parts could be hard.

Brandy said...

I love reading your random thoughts! About the Tummy Tub- I think we can save you $45 and buy a Rubbermaid Mop bucket-looks the same to me :)

~k said...

An 18-year-old man wearing a "Snuggie" allegedly tried to break into a New Jersey grocery store, but was stopped when witnesses say they saw him climb through a window, the Daily Record reported.

Authorities found Brandon Ryzner-Meredith, 18, wearing a dark blue Snuggie — advertised as a blanket with arms — and a hooded sweatshirt.

Detective Lt. Michael Richards said Ryzner-Meredith was also found in possession of a socket driver, a tool they believe he used to try to pry open the door.

"It was a match with the description of witnesses of a large dark overcoat or trench coat," said Richards, of the Snuggie. "He had some intention to conceal himself."

Police say Ryzner-Meredith was charged with criminal mischief, attempted burglary and possession of burglar's tools.

He was released pending a court appearance.

annieck said...

Kelli, HILARIOUS!!! Made my day!

AngelGirl said...

halarious!! i hope your chandalier gets hung before the baby arrives!! :)

jenniferbernheim said...

As always love your post. I did see the Tummy Tub on the Today Show - a bit unsure about whether to try it next time... assuming you didn't see that in the segment they had two kids in one bath - can you believe it? I mean how uncomfortable. Speaking of uncomfortable I remember that last month - miserable - but luckily the end is near and soon you'll have another blessing!

Ashley B said...

Hey, first of all can you believe I am commenting on your blog?! Secondly, I totally know which lady at Sonic you're talking about!! She told me about her smoking through pregnancy and her tiny baby and other random comments about being pregnany years ago. She always comments on Nathan and how he must've really hurt coming out. Really?!?