Wednesday, May 27, 2009

He's Officially Graduated!

It's official, Tristan is no longer a pre-schooler. As of last week, he graduated from K4 and is ready to move on to kindergarten. Too bad his daddy and I aren't quite ready for it yet! Last week, we attended his pre-school graduation. It was bittersweet. I just can't believe he will no longer attend the school he's been at for the past five years. My heart breaks! Here are some pictures from graduation:

My two little curly heads:
Tristan riding the rocking horse for the very last time. This horse was a major favorite when he was two. Every time Channing and I would pick him up from school, he would beg to ride it, sometimes waiting up to five minutes for another child to finish their turn. *sniff*Asher's first ride (I'm sure of many) on the rocking horse. He's supposed to get started next year.Here is Tristan with his favorite classmate, "M". They hung out in the classroom until showtime.Tristan and Ms. Ashley. Thanks for a great year, Ms. Ashley!My little man during the performance (a performance which was re-performed all weekend at the lake) with the rest of his precious class. He was too cute! They all were.Holding his certificate, showing that it's official. He's ready for kindergarten!Our family. I am so blessed! I love these boys and am so proud of each of them. I'm proud of Tristan completing pre-school and am now trying to gear myself up for big school. Will I ever be ready??? Get ready kindergarten teachers! I'm going to be up there as much as possible. You'll know me well! :) Hey, I'm a former may need me. ;)CONGRATULATIONS, TRISTAN!!! I am so proud of you!!!


Rachael said...

We're so proud of you too, Tristan! I can't believe how big our little boys are now. It's crazy how fast time goes by!

I LOVE Asher's sweet curls!

amy kennedy said...

Sweet! He is such a cutie pie. He's going to love kindergarten Annie. It's so much fun! You look great by the way! Hope all is well!

The Hairston's said...

He's so big!!! I can't believe he is already going to kindergarten!
I love Asher's curly hair! When did it get so curly?!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

I agree with above- when did Asher's hair get so curly??
I love the family picture! Y'all are all adorable.
Congrats, Tristan! Enjoy the summer to you all! I know you will with a new baby girl here soon!

Sign4Jesus said...

I have been inquiring a lot about K4. Can you share the info how it was sending him there & cost per month etc?? My email is

MorningSong said...

YAY Tristan!!!!!!!!!! Congrats on a job well done!