Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday's Random Thoughts

It's Thursday again! That means you, my friend, get to take a peek inside my brain. Be warned, my thoughts are incredibly complex. I hope you can follow along. ;)
Here goes:

This morning, after I dropped Tristan off at school, I was driving to work and nearly plowed a cardinal (the bird) with my car. It flew right in front of my bumper. I literally had to slow WAY down. What in the world?! Ok, I've mentioned it a few times on here, and those who know me well already know, I don't particularly care for birds. They freak me out (Asher feels the same way. He loathes the bird exhibit at the zoo as much as I do~you know...the one where you go in and birds land on your shoulder? *shudder*). Anyway, I didn't want to kill the bird, so I slowed down, but he should really watch where he's going next time. As for bird watchers, I totally don't get it. Why do you want to watch birds? That would bore me to tears. Some people I really admire are bird watchers, so there must be something to it. Who knows?

Is anyone else super sad for Jon and Kate? I don't want to speculate as to whether the rumors are true about Jon's affair, however, I do grieve for the family. Regardless of whether or not he has cheated on Kate, his actions (which he has admitted) are not acceptable for a married man. I wouldn't think it was appropriate for Channing, my husband and the father of my kids, to be out at a club and leaving with a 23 year old girl when I wasn't around. Furthermore, I wouldn't find it appropriate for him to have that same girl over to sunbathe on our front lawn. As a married person, it's just not acceptable. My heart aches for their marriage and for their precious children. I hope the hurts can be healed and their marriage totally restored. I know it's none of my business, but my heart hurts all the same.

What is it about water and heartburn? Why are they such great friends? Maybe you don't know what I'm talking about. Maybe you've never had massive heartburn after sipping a nice, cold glass of water. I, however, have had the "pleasure" of this experience with every pregnancy. I'm over it. I am ready for heartburn to take a hike!

Speaking of heartburn taking a hike, as of this Sunday, I will be at a point in my pregnancy where we could be welcoming baby Rhiannon anywhere from the next two to six weeks (depending on whether she's early, on time, or late). That is so hard to believe. In many ways (especially physically), I'm ready. However, I have so much to get done before she arrives. Will I ever truly be ready?

Kris made it in the top three!!! YEA!!! I was so excited! He is my favorite American Idol contestant. I was sad to see Allison go (she is incredibly talented and will, no doubt, have a big career in her future), but I was glad Kris was saved.

Have you ever seen Cindy Crawford's kids? She has a son and daughter, and seriously, it should be illegal to be that gorgeous. Her kids are even more beautiful than she is. I don't even know how it's possible. If you have never seen them, you should google them right now. UNREAL!

Our dog, Bubsy (one of his MANY nicknames), got a haircut a couple of days ago, and it's like we got a brand new dog (Asher thought he was a new dog. He refused to believe it was Bubsy for the first 12 hours or so). That haircut gave him so much confidence. He is no longer hiding under the bed, he is constantly out and about, as if to show off his new look. It's funny to think that something like a haircut can do the same for a dog as it does for you and me. Speaking of, I am in DESPERATE need. I need to go downstairs and call my hairdresser ASAP!

So I had a patient ask me this week if the baby is still a girl. I found that to be a strange question, as if maybe 'she' had changed into a 'he' over the past couple of months. I told her, "I hope so." She said, "Oh, me too! You need a girl." I was thinking "I hope so" because we've invested a good bit of time and $ into getting girl stuff. I don't know what we would do with all this stuff if 'she' were a 'he'. We would be in trouble!

I wondered when it was going to happen. I have been shocked that I haven't been asked sooner. I was asked with both previous pregnancies. Well, I was finally asked this week. You know what I'm talking about, right? The "twins" question. "Are you having twins?" "Are you sure it's not twins?" At Wal-Mart this week, someone asked me the "twins" question but not in the way I've been asked before or even expected. A woman at Wal-Mart asked me if my boys were twins. "Um, I'm sorry?" "Are they twins? They're so cute?" "No ma'am, but they do look a lot alike." This was said with a huge smile on my face. The fact that someone could think that my two year old and five year old (who do, in her defense, look A LOT alike) could be twins just makes me laugh. I mean, one is two and one is five! Hilarious!

So at my last doctor's appointment, I was "thrilled" to find out that thus far, I have gained a whopping 37 pounds. Wow, every pregnancy, same thing. LOTS of weight. But my doctor went on and on about how good I'm doing; how proud he is of me, blah blah blah. You know why? He's so proud because I'm eight pounds lighter than I was with Asher. I tried explaining to him that it is only because I started out 10 pounds lighter this time. He refused to accept it (I'm sure because he wanted me to feel good about myself). He just praised me for doing so good. Too bad I know the truth!

My neighbor saw me outside yesterday and said, "Oooooooooo...getting big!" Yes, Teresa, thank you sooooo much. I couldn't have made it through the day without that comment. You see, my neighbor is Vietnamese, and not that that matters, but I say that to tell you that I don't know if it's normal in their custom to tell people that. Maybe it is. I don't know, but she told me the same thing with Asher...constantly. She even told me after Asher was born that I was still big. Yep, whenever I need a little pick-me-up, I head outside to see Teresa.

Ok, folks, that's all I've got for this week. I would love to know some of what goes on in your brain. Got some random thoughts, this is the place to share. It sure would make a big, fat pregnant woman happy!


Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

I always love your random thoughts! I wish I wrote mine down. They are hilarious.
On AI, I am a Danny girl, myself. You've gotta love him AND he was a worship leader pre-Idol.

And you've gotta love teh Teresa's of the world. They feel like they have to say something. Ugh! Kills me! I wish they could just think of what they would say if we (not me at the present time) were NOT glaringly pregnant. Everybody thinks that's all you want to talk about.

I can't wait for your little girl's arrival!!! I'm getting excited already!

annieck said...

You should write them down. I would LOVE to read yours. You're so funny!!!
I like Danny, I just don't think I would ever buy his music. As for being a worship leader, Kris was/is too! :) That's how I first heard about him. GO KRIS!!!

Ole Miss Mom said...

I'm also glad Kris made it! I REALLY enjoyed this past week on Idol - the rock week was awesome!

It's so funny you say that about the birds. Because today, the thought going through my head all day was, "I have almost hit like 10 squirrels!" I slowed and swerved (slightly) to avoid them all day! It's like all the rain has slowed them down or something!

I think you look great!! You always get back to your cute self so fast! :-) Let's pray Rhiannon's an early bird! I'd also covet prayers for not going over either! haha ;-)

The Hairston's said...

There was a dead blue bird behind Jay's car today. I guess a neighborhood cat killed it. Sam and Eli were amazed but I was totally grossed out. I, too, am not a bird fan.
That is really funny that you got asked the twin question. Welcome to my world! I get asked that at least 3 times a week!
I wish that I watched this season's AI...I heard that it was one of the best yet. Oh well!
Are you coming tonight? If so, can't wait to see you!!!

Brandi said...

Don't the birds know that we have a deal. We don't slow down and they get out of our way. Same for squirrels. I hit (and killed) a squirrel while on a test drive in a car. That makes for great conversation!

Oh how I remember that pregnancy indegestion. The good news is it just disappears. Well, it did for me anyways.

The Greenfields said...

when i saw your picture of kris at the top i thought "nOOoooooo please don't tell me kris got voted off!" i almost didn't read any further because i couldn't ruin my big day with noah, ha :) but i was SOOOO glad to read it was allison and not kris. i so want kris to win. he's adorable.

i understand about your vietnamise neighbor- arabs are the same in telling what they think. when i moved here i was a size 4 and because i wasn't running anymore by the summer i was a size 6. in one week i had 3 different people tell me i was getting fat! i was a size 6 for goodness sakes!!!!!!! i was so glad when i got pregnant and could blame it on that, ha :) :) they will say whatever, whenever- i have heard them refer to people as "oh, the ugly one?' "oh, the fat one?" it's awful. you develop a thick skin quickly!!!!

love the random thoughts, AS ALWAYS!!!! and even if you do get big during pregnancy- you shrink so FAST and are just as adorable as ever- big or little!!!

Anonymous said...

Sooo entertaining as always, Annie! I have to comment on the different cultures saying whatever, whenever! My husband, who's Hispanic, got asked by an Asian gas station attendant if he was White or Chinese! I guess she just figured it had to be one of the two!! The funniest part is that, instead of saying he was Hispanic, he just said, "white"!!!! He's incredibly non-confrontational!! ;)