Friday, October 30, 2009

Good Mannered Super Hero

Do you know what that is? I must say, when I got a note from the school saying that October 30 would be "Good Mannered Super Hero Day", I was quite confused. What is a good mannered super hero? An existing super hero with good manners? A "Thank You Man"? A super hero named after good manners? What?! I have to figure this out and make sure my five year old is cool enough to show up at school that day without being made fun of? One wrong move, and we're in trouble!

I stressed out about this and talked to several people. Finally, we all decided that this was just our elementary school's way of letting the kids dress up while trying to ensure that no one would show up in any crazy evil scary thing. Got it. That being said, I threw any ounce of creativity I had out the window and dressed him up as Super Man. I mean, he had good manners, right?

Here's my Super Man:
One thing Channing thought of that never crossed my mind...the bathroom. What is he supposed to do when he has to go to the bathroom??? YIKES! Had NOT thought of that! I mean, Channing helped him get into this thing. Who would help him get out? What a nightmare for the kindergarten teachers today. I don't envy them!
I'll be at the school helping this afternoon. I'm sure I'll be unvelcroing and re-velcroing super heroes for two hours. :)


Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

WHA?? That is silly. I sure hope they said please and thank you to all those pee-pee helpers!