Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday's Random Thoughts

Happy Thursday! I don't know about you, but I LOVE Thursdays! Thursday, for our family, is like Friday because it's the last day of our work week. Though I haven't made it to work this week, it's a relief to know that Channing will be off tomorrow. Yea!
Since it's Thursday, and I'm trying to get back in the swing of things, today is the day I share my random thoughts. These are just random crazy things that have popped into my head this week, sometimes once, sometimes more times than I care to admit. Anyway, here they are:Is there an itchy nose condition or disease? I'm just wondering because my nose constantly itches. Seriously, all the time. It drives me crazy! I feel like I spend half my day fighting off the itch. What's up with that? I'm sure there's a drug for that.

When I was at the Alabama game a couple of weeks ago, I noticed a guy in front of us was wearing a pair of jeans. I think they were Levis. The thing is, they had his measurements on the tag on the back of his waist (you know, the brown tag at the top). Ok, #1. Do they still put jean measurements on the outside of jeans (I wouldn't know because I haven't been shopping in FOREVER, and the last time I bought a pair of jeans, I didn't see any like that)? #2. Why would anyone want their measurements on their backside for the world to see? Hmmm....42 inch waist and 30 length? That's a little off.... No way, man! There's NO way I want the world to know my waist measurement, especially while I'm still in the process of losing baby weight. I mean, who thought to put measurements back there anyway? Had to be a man. But still? Why would a man want his measurements there? Baffles me.

Speaking of jeans, when I was leaving the Georgia game last week (yes, another jeans story at another game), I noticed a guy wearing a pair of True Religion jeans. That wasn't what caught my eye. What caught my eye was the HUGE (seriously, people. I don't know if you've ever seen a pair in the store, but it's HUGE) True Religion price tag hanging off the side. Ok, that tag was so big, there's no way he missed it. No way. This guy left the tag on his jeans so that we would all know he paid (or the true value...he may not have actually paid) $180.00 for his pants. Seriously??? Was that really necessary? The tag was so big, it looked plain silly. I mean, if you really need the rest of us to know that your jeans cost $180, you can't afford them. I'm just sayin'...

Do you like Runts candy? I don't. Well, I don't like anything except the bananas. Why don't they just sell packs of Runts bananas? I think they would sell like hotcakes. UPDATE!!! THEY DO! Why have I never seen them?!? Where can I find them?

You know how some people are cheek kissers? You know? They see someone they know or are saying goodbye and they
kiss cheeks? Or worse, they expect you to kiss their cheeks? Yeah, so that's not me. I am not a cheek kisser. You're doing good to get a hug out of me. I'm just not a touchy feely (sp?) person. Kissing some guy's cheeks just kind of freaks me out. Don't know why, that's just how I am.

As for hugging, I think I give off a "I'm not a big hugger" kind of vibe. I don't mean to, but I notice that some people that are big huggers often don't hug me. It must be written across my forehead or something. I mean, I don't mind hugging people, I'm just not the type to run across the room to give someone a bear hug. There's nothing wrong with that, I'm just not wired that way. I love that some people are, though.

Only in Alabama would someone tie their child to the top of their mini van in a cardboard box. When asked why she tied her 13 year old daughter to the roof of her van (inside the box, of course), the mom answered that the box wouldn't fit inside her van. When asked why her daughter was in the box, she answered that her daughter could weigh the box down. But don't worry, folks! She tied the box down with a wire hanger. Can you believe this?! That must have been one important box! Of course, whenever I heard her comment about the wire hanger, all I could think about was Mommie Dearest. "NO WIRE HANGERS!!!"

Ok, so yesterday I was half watching some lame celebrity news show (not even sure which one), and before they went to commercial break, they said, "...back with shocking news about a backstreet boy with the swine flu!". This was followed by a quick snippet of video of the backstreet boy apologizing to his fans (maybe they had to cancel a show or something?). Anyway...what in the world?!? SHOCKING news? Really? I mean, has he been admitted to the hospital or something? Is it a severe case? No, the kid (oh, wait? Does being in your mid 30's still make you a kid?) just has a case of the swine flu, nothing severe. Are you kidding me?!? I've got my own "shocking" news. SHOCKING NEWS! Sick mom with three kids still has to take her kids to school, make their meals, and go about her day! Oh wait! One of her other kids just got sick. She now has to tend to that sick child while taking care of herself and her other two. WOW! Now that's a little more shocking than some pampered backstreet boy. Give me a break. That's news???

Ok, so before last week's random thoughts, I had 30 followers. After Thursday, I went down to 29. Hmmm...what happened? Were they so terrible that someone had to let me go, or were they offensive (they always are, right?). I've been in mourning all week over the random follower drop. *sniff*

Actually, let me be honest about the whole "followers" thing. I don't get it. I think I follow maybe one or two blogs. I just don't understand it. #1. Why follow a blog? I don't mean that in an ugly way, I just really don't understand the benefits. You see, I have my list of blogs on my page, and those are the people I care about reading. I am notified when they update their blogs, and I read them. How is "following" different? #2. Again, I have the list on my page of those I love. If I were to follow blogs, they would be that list of people, and that just seems like a lot. Why have two things doing the same thing? Honestly, I just don't get it. I don't understand being followers of blogs. With the two that I follow, I've never noticed anything special about. I haven't gotten any special announcements or updates for those, except on my dashboard (which I hardly ever visit). Am I doing something wrong? I don't know. I'm happy with my little blog list on my page. It's time consuming enough.

It's Thursday, and that means we've got two more days until we get to spend a day watching college football!!! Woo hoo! I'm hoping Bama can take down Ole Miss. I'm hoping the Florida/LSU game is a good one. I'm hoping Georgia can beat Tennessee (they've both had rough seasons). I'm hoping Arkansas can beat Auburn (sorry Tigers), though part of me hopes Auburn continues to win and then Alabama beats them in November. That would SO rock!!! Ok, those are my big hopes for college football this weekend, not predictions, just hopes.
How did I live without DVR?

So those are my random thoughts for the week. How about you? I know you've got some thoughts you're dying to get off your chest. DISH! We all (and by "all" I mean, myself and my three readers) would love to know what goes on in your head!


The Greenfields said...

banana runts by themselves- i need me some of those!!! i used banana runts for the top of noah's cupcakes and i had to buy like 4 packs just to weed out the bananas.

as for the followers, do you know what google reader is? it's a place where ALL the blogs you follow come to one location. so that is why i follow your blog. i don't have to check your blog at all- i only have to come to it if i want to leave a comment. so in the morning, i go to my google reader and all the new blog posts are in one place. that is the benefit of following a blog. does that make sense?

oh and i LOVE thursdays too because fridays are our family day.

Jeremy and Michelle said...

so glad thursday's random thoughts are back!I too am not a big hugger - so much so that I consider myself and awkward hugger. Like you, I don't really mind to give/get a hug but I always feel like I'm taking my arms high when they should be low or I'm going for a side hug when someone is coming full front - just plain awkward - at this point most of my close friends know this funny fact about me and like to hug me just because.

annieck said...

Rachael, I need to look into that.
Michelle, how is it that we've never really hung out? We have so much in common!

Brandi said...

I was going to recommend google reader too but I don't think I do it right. You can add a "subscription" to follow a blog. I don't think it shows up as a follower (that way you can stalk whoever you want without them knowing). But it makes it so much easier to keep up with many, many blogs. LOVE IT!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

OK- the main reason to follow is to put the blogs in reader and to show your love to the blogger. I follow all the blogs on my links page (or try to), but I'll follow a blog before I put it on links. I have a lot that I follow and don't link. This all sounds ridiculous.

I think people who are cheek kissers are also LOLers. We just aren't those people.

The Greenfields said...

oh and one more thing regarding cheek-kissing- that is how people greet each other here (though not a woman and a man) but man to man, woman to woman. but it's super strange b/c there is not a set amount of kisses. it's always one on the left side but then the number on the other side depends on how close you are to that person, so they might just keep kissing away or you might linger as they are backing up... so awkward. and because of the swine flu, some people won't kiss anymore, so greetings have become all around uncomfortable because i don't know when to go in for the kiss and when to stand down :)