Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thursday's Random Thoughts

After a long hiatus, I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack and ready to share the random things that go on in my head. Ok, so over the past few weeks, I've had some out there thoughts, most of which I've forgotten (if I don't write them down, they disappear). So today, I decided to start getting my crazy thoughts back out there for my two big readers. I mean, it wasn't enough for people I come in contact with daily to think I'm strange, I have to share my thoughts with complete strangers so that my quirks can span the world. :)
Since it's college football season (BEST time of year!), I am going to dedicate this week's random thoughts to that great sport:Channing and I are both big fans of college football. Unfortunately, we pull for different teams, he for Georgia and I for Alabama (ROLL TIDE, BABY!). This is fine because we only play each other like every four years or so. Problem is, one of us usually has a great season and the other, well...let's just say, less than stellar (in the past, it's been Alabama with the "less than stellar seasons"). This year, Georgia isn't looking so good, and that can make things kind of tough when it comes to Saturdays. You see, Channing tells me he wants Alabama to do well, but I see him secretly getting excited when the team opposite Alabama does something well. If I'm going to be totally honest, on our not-so-good seasons, I've done the same thing with Georgia. If only we could both love each other's teams as much as we love our own. We both desperately want that but neither of us has accomplished it yet.

Another thing that's sad and makes me upset every time he says it, Channing doesn't like to watch Georgia games with me. He says he doesn't like to watch them with anyone, but by "anyone", he means ME. He says he doesn't like "people" asking him questions. Can you guess who "people" is? Yep, it's me. Last night he said it again, and I got so mad and told him, " I have no questions to ask about Georgia because they stink." Yep, I went there. Though I don't totally agree with that statement, I made it. Then I told him that if he didn't like watching games with "people" then he probably should refrain from going to the game this weekend because there will be lots of "people" there, and he might miss a second of the game. Why does it hurt my feelings so bad that he doesn't want to watch with me? I guess because I like football so much and feel like it's something we can enjoy together. Problem goes back to us liking different teams. BUMMER!

College football has the unique ability to draw the redneck out of people unlike anything I've ever seen (though I bet Nascar can come pretty close. I've never been to a race to know for sure). I mean, at last week's Alabama game, I saw the most disgusting representation of "team spirit" I've ever seen. Alabama was playing Arkansas, whose mascot is the razorback, aka pig, and there was a tent (the Scottsboro tailgating team or something like that...Shane, some of your friends?) that had a large ice bucket with a very large boar's head cut off and floating in icy water. There was blood in the water (seriously, people, this was FRESH) and a sign that said something about a pig suicide. It was DISGUSTING! So what did I do? I took a picture with my phone, of course! I then proceeded to forward it to offended family members. I was just in such shock that someone would do such a thing. Don't worry. I'll spare you on here. Just know that it was incredibly disgusting! It, by far, was more gross than the pig skewer a couple of blocks down.

Speaking of redneck college football fans, I'm going to share my thoughts on attire. I said it last season, and I'll say it again this season....what is it about college football that makes grown men want to dress like circus clowns? Red pants, pants with the team mascot alll over them, pants that have different colored legs, cut off jeans shorts, painted chests, overalls???? The list goes on. I mean, I thought it was crazy that two guys at the Bama game last weekend had their shirts off....their shirts were off for no apparent reason. They had no paint on them. They were just wearing jeans and no shirts. What in the world? I couldn't stop talking about it, though I think Channing was tired of me talking about it. "Hey, yeah, I work out. Can you tell? I'm at a football game, so I'm going to take my shirt off so everyone can see my muscles." I mean, where did these guys find each other, and what in the world motivated them to sit through 3 1/2 hours without their shirts on. If you're gonna have your shirt off, there'd better be some paint involved! And no, it was not hot out.

The guys at the Bama game had nothing on the Georgia fan I saw on t.v. during last week's game. He wore nothing but a speedo. Yes, that's right. He stood right on the front row wearing nothing but a speedo. Ok, GROSS! #1. No paint was involved. #2. A speedo is NEVER cool, especially at a football game. #3. Did I mention gross??? Who is this guy and what in the world was going through his mind when he got dressed. Surely he's single because no woman would let her man go out in public like that. Right? And Channing's giving me a hard time about Rhiannon's game day outfit. Whatev! She'll fit right in!

Another thing about gameday clothes, I'm not really a fan of grown men in jerseys. I know, I know. This will probably offend someone out there, but I'm just not. I personally feel like the only people who should be wearing jerseys are the players, kids ages 12 and under, family members of the players, and women (and not every woman can pull it off. If you've got the super tight fitted jersey and 80's style teased sprayed hair, it's not working for you). Don't know why I feel that way, but I do. Sometimes NFL jersey look ok on men, but never college. Maybe I say that because I really don't care too much about the NFL. Don't know.

Have you seen the Peyton Manning commercials??? Yes, I know he's not a college football player, but he was, so I can bring him up. Just ask any UT fan, and they'll start foaming at the mouth. They love some Peyton Manning. Ok, back to his commercials...hysterical! I love his sense of humor and that he doesn't seem to take himself too seriously. He never fails to crack me up. If you haven't seen him (back in the day) on SNL, you totally missed out. By far, one of the funniest episodes ever. Love some Peyton Manning!

How about coach shows? You know what I'm talking about, right? Those shows the coaches have to do after their games. What a bummer, especially if you lost. You have to go spend 30 minutes answering questions about why you stink so bad. Who wants to do that?

Last week, Georgia played Arizona State. Arizona State's mascot is the Sun Devil. Wouldn't that be awful?!? Your team mascot is the sun devil. How do you explain that one to your kids???

What is up with Tennessee and Auburn? Both were supposed to STINK this year, and both are appearing to be much better than previously thought. I don't know if I like that... I know if we beat them, that makes us look better, but still. I was kind of looking forward to seeing the Tigers and Vols suffer a bit.

Speaking of Tennessee, have you seen their quarterback's mustache? I definitely think that someone should tell him that if he were to shave that mustache, his game would be greatly improved. I'm just sayin'...

Do you know how much a bottled water costs at a college football game??? Give up? FOUR DOLLARS!!! Yes, FOUR DOLLARS! This is for a BOTTLED WATER! What in the world?!? I heard one of the vendors complaining after last week's game that they didn't earn many tips. Who can afford to tip after spending $4 on a water?!? Mind you, had I bought a $4 water, I would have tipped; however, I didn't. I didn't see any gold flakes in it.

For years, Channing and I have gone with text on our phones. We just recently got new service (via Verizon...LOVE it!) and now have text. Most days, I absolutely love it and have no idea how I ever lived without it. I'm not a big phone talker, so I love being able to send a text when I need some quick information. Channing, on the other hand, is a big phone talker and uses text much less. Our phone bill shows those differences big time! He has a million used phone minutes and very little text, and I have vice versa. Anyway, texting isn't so much fun during football season. You see, I really try to pay attention to the game, but I start getting messages about the last play or who's going in the game, who's going out, etc. I always feel like I have to answer, and I end up missing the game. NOT GOOD. I'm going to have to figure out a remedy to this terrible problem.

Last week, I was in Tuscaloosa, with my hubby, cheering on the Tide. This weekend, I'll be in Athens, Ga, with my hubby, cheering on the dawgs. GO DAWGS and ROLL TIDE!!! I can't wait to see the Dawgs take on the LSU Tigers. THAT should be a good game!

I'm going to end with a big shout out to Donta' Hightower and Tim Tebow. Both were hurt during last weekend's games, and I pray for swift healing and rapid recoveries. God bless, guys (because I know that both totally read my blog!).

BTW, the pictures of my boys up there in their Bama gear were taken at last week's game. Channing's first ever Bama logo. We started out small with a pin. Who knows, maybe after 10 more years together, we'll graduate to a t-shirt??? As for Tristan, he loves the Tide but has gotten into some weird posing lately.

That's all I've got, folks. How about you? Any random thoughts to share??? You know they make my day, so please leave me some. They don't have to be football related. :)


gin said...

hi, don't know how i found you, but enjoyed your thoughts. you let everybody have it! -- no shirts, paint, etc. really cute. Your family is precious. And i am the LSU fan. Of course I'm cheering them on Saturday. May the best team win!! I have a real live picture of the LSU vs. Washington game on my blog a few post down. My cousin and her husband was at the game while on vacation there and texted me the picture during the game. So I can't live without text either. I know you must be thinking "who is this stranger telling me all this stuff." Any way, I like your blog!

mjs said...

thanks, annie! hey, did you know that the "jennifer" that helped with your blog design is MY JENNIFER too! up until a few months ago, she was my next door neighbor! in virginia! can you believe it? she's a straight shooter and i just miss her and her family a whole bunch. anyway, how funny, huh?

annieck said...

Gin, ha! I did let everyone have it, didn't I? My husband happens to be one of the crazy fans with red pants, so go figure. :)
Meryl, did NOT know that! It is a small world! I wonder if she found me via your blog?

Ole Miss Mom said...

yay! so glad TRT's are back!!! ;-)

AngelGirl said...

YAY for random thursdays!!! (even its monday and i'm just now reading)....
i think you have secretly been teaching T some tai chi or something!! lol!! that photo is pretty funny:)

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH, ANNIE!! I'm just getting around to reading this & I'm on my lunch break at work. I kept bursting out into laughter at my desk & everyone thought I was laughing at what they said...yea, not so much!! :) Seriously, if you post nothing else, please keep posting your random thoughts! Taking a glimpse into your brain is a really fun time!! BTW...I've never been to a Nascar race myself, but have had lots of friends tell me about the attire. I'm pretty sure girls in bikini tops w/cut off jean shorts that their butt cheeks hang out of & a baseball cap beats out guys with weird pants & no shirts!!