Monday, October 12, 2009

Game Day~ Our Weekend in Athens Part 2

We had a great time in Athens, well, until the game anyway. The outcome wasn't quite what we'd hoped. LSU ended up winning (UGH!), so that was kind of a dark spot on our trip. Other than that, everything was perfect! Here are some more tailgating shots:

Here is my little football player. One of our tailgating in the parking lot. Tristan was ready!
Tristan played lots of football, and Asher did what Asher loves to do...he ATE!!! Can you tell what he's saying? Yep...CHEESE!Rhi getting very sleeeeeeeeepy...She decided to catch a little shut eye:Tristan taking a break:Later that day...
This is what became of Rhiannon's game day outfit:Crazy boy!After all our tailgate fun, it was time to go watch the Dawgs play! Here are some shots from the game:Uncle Ryan and Mary Ryan. I can't tell you how much my boys love MRK! Not only is she a beautiful little girl,but she's lots of fun too. She and Tristan have a lot of fun together. It's such a blessing to have a cousin your same age, just ask Tristan. Not only do they have fun together, she's always super sweet to Asher and Rhiannon. I sure love this little girl! Her daddy's lots of fun too! We think we'll keep him... most of the time. ;)Channing and Asher watching the game. Asher was most excited about seeing the drums. With Georgia's season, that may have been the most exciting part. :( The Dawgs will make a comeback....just maybe not this season?Eating, of course! This time, it was cotton candy. During halftime, the kids enjoyed some STICKY cotton candy. What a mess it turned out to be! It didn't bother them, though. They enjoyed every single bite!
Sweet cousins...clearly enjoying their cotton candy!Asher finally had enough excitement (and sugar) and crashed.
That was our game day. Georgia lost, I had to take the kids to the bathroom about 100 times (which really made us popular with the fans sitting around us), they loaded up on sugar, and Tristan complained a bit, but still, it was a blast! We got to hang out with family, eat great food, watch one of our favorite teams (of course, it's Channing's favorite team), and wear red (always a great color~much better than the opposing team's purple...ugh!). All in all, GREAT trip!!!


Elyse said...

Mary Ryan and Tristan look SO much alike in that photo. Wow! Oh, and I love your music - I'm a huge Coldplay fan. Nice! Troy's already listening to Coldplay in his swing and bouncy seat (thanks to the MP3 player attached to both). Hopefully he'll enjoy them, too.

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

So cute! I love your phone pics and I think they did a great job!

I still can't get over Rhi's outfit. It is the cutest ever. I want to just snorkle her cheeks. You think we could make that happen?

Donna said...

I'm amazed you took all three to a football game- I'm not that brave yet. :) LOVE LOVE LOVE baby girl's tutu! Go Dawgs!