Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday's Random Thoughts

Can you believe it's already Thursday?!? Where has this week gone?
Well, since it's Thursday, that means it's time for me to unleash my random crazy thoughts. I really wish some of you would share your random thoughts. That way, I wouldn't feel like the only person who has complete craziness going on in her head! ;)
Anyway, here goes...
The Heisman Trophy. Now that we're mid season, we're hearing about it all the time. I mean, that's fine and all, but the Heisman Trophy stuff kind of gets under my skin. Thing is, there are a lot of super talented and hard-working players that never get Heisman attention, simply because they are not all star quarterbacks, receivers, or running backs. How about giving an outstanding defensive guy a chance? How about Rolando McClain? How about some other defensive guys from some other teams. I know the Bama defense wouldn't be 1/2 as good as they are without McClain. I say it's time to stop focusing on the showy positions in college football. Let's take a look at the other hard-working guys too.
Why is it that if you dress a baby girl in anything with blue on it, no matter how much pink accompanies it, people assume she is a boy? I get it all the time. Rhiannon will be wearing a blue dress with pink elephants and pink trim, holding a pink blanket..."What a cute little boy!" Come on, people! It's in the details! If you see poofy sleeves, even if they're blue, chances are, the baby is a girl!

Speaking of babies, why do complete strangers feel the need to offer advice (aka: criticize) people (ok, me) about their parenting? Today at the pumpkin patch, I was carrying Rhiannon in her sling. You wouldn't believe all the comments I heard in passing and had said to my face. One woman, as she passed me, was telling her friend, "Look at that baby! It's going to fall out!" She went on and on. Ok, Rhi was totally in her sling and in absolutely no danger of falling out. CRAZY! Then on the hay ride, a couple of women were going on and on about how uncomfortable the sling looked for the baby because "he" (yes, she was wearing blue...polka dots with poofy sleeves!) was all squished up. I politely smiled and told them how much the baby loves the sling (because I don't want to embarrass them for thinking she's a boy). I mean, Rhiannon was SLEEPING! Do you think she would have been sleeping had she been in pain or uncomfortable?!? Then when I got off the hay ride, a woman told me, "Why don't you take her out and put her in the stroller? Then, you can take the boys in to the bathroom, and I'll watch her for you?" Thanks for the offer, lady, but #1. I don't know you and am NOT leaving my baby with you, and #2. She's FINE! She's NOT uncomfortable! UGH! What did I do, though? I took her out (she cried), put her in her carseat, and waited for Jennifer (my friend) to watch her so I could go in. I gave in, I know.

Does every town have their own cheesy local commercials? I just don't get it. I mean, I know it's low budget and everything, but come on. They have got to have better ideas (and actors) than some of what I see around here. They make me cringe (kind of like small town local news).

I was watching something the other day and heard the phrase, "Go to hell." I started thinking about the phrase and how awful it is. I mean, it really is awful. I wonder how many people that say it actually think about the words they're saying. Hell is the worst possible place anyone could go. Torture for eternity. Would you wish anyone there...really? Do you think the people that use the phrase actually take in what they're saying, or do you think it's just something that rolls off the tongue?

Is it just me, or is it so annoying to watch coaches covering their mouths on the sidelines when they're talking on their little headsets? DRIVES ME CRAZY! I was totally making fun of Lane Kiffin (my current least favorite coach in college football) for doing it in the Georgia/Tennessee game last weekend. I know other coaches do it, but for that one game, I pretended like he was the only one. It gave me some good laughs. I mean, it gets pure silly sometimes. They go through such extremes to try to hide what they're saying. Ha!!! I mean, sure, I guess the other team could have their hired lip readers on the sidelines, but come on.

Speaking of football games, I find it funny that some girls wear pink in the stands. If your team colors are orange and blue, chances are, most of the people in the stands are going to be wearing orange and blue. You, even though you have your team logo on your pink shirt, are going to look silly sitting in the sea of team colors while wearing your crazy pink. PINK IS NOT A FOOTBALL COLOR! There, I said it. I've gotten it off my chest. ;)

Are my BIL and I the only ones to notice Houston Nutt's crazy play signals? You know, most coaches have random arm signals, but Houston Nutt takes it much further. His are vulgar. Last season, my bil noticed one that involved him grabbing his crotch. This year during the Alabama/Ole Miss game, one of his signals involved him pretending to pull his pants down (for a full moon). What in the world??? Really, Coach Nutt? Do you think your players wouldn't understand the more subdued signals? Baffles me.

Poor spelling really gets to me. You can imagine how tough it is for me to read some Facebook updates. UGH! I cringe when I see all the misspellings scattered about. I'm not talking about accidental letters and stuff like that, I'm talking about really really poor spelling. I try not to notice, but I do.

Speaking of misspellings, I have a hard time with texting because I don't like to spell things incorrectly just to shorten it. I'm that dork texter that texts out the whole word (also because I am SO not an lol person). So, if you get a text from me, it's like a novel. Sorry!

What is the bejeweled game on Facebook? What are the Mafia Wars? Farmville? What is up with all the quizzes? I don't care how many bejeweled points you got, who you shot in your mafia wars, what kind of cow wandered up on your farm, or what kind of mouthwash your personality is most like. I really don't. I really wish I didn't have to see all that every time I pull up my FB account. I wish there was a "hide" button just for games and quizzes. I want to know what my friends are up to from time to time, but I don't want to see all the rest of the junk mail. I think FB should come up with something for that.

Speaking of FB updates, after reading so many meaningless updates, I started thinking about Rick and Bubba and their rules for call ins. One thing they say (not verbatim) is, before making your comment, ask yourself if people will be entertained by what you have to say. I think that could apply to FB too. If you're going to the bathroom, going to cook some toast, or taking a shower, we don't need to know about it. I doubt anyone's sitting on the edge of their seats to find out if it's your lunchtime. Maybe I'm wrong? ;)

Every town should have a Sno Biz. It should be some sort of requirement. If there's a chamber of commerce, there should be a Sno Biz. I'm just sayin'...

I love my kids so much. They have my heart! However, three is tough, much tougher than two. I had no idea what I was in for. Having three children is a tremendous blessing, but it is a lot of work. I have three different needs, three different schedules, car lines, crying spells, etc. It does get easier, right? :)

I was laying by Asher at bedtime a few nights ago and was telling him a story. At some point during the story, he turned to me and said, "Mommy, you spit. You spit on me." Of course, I busted out laughing. My little two year old is basically telling me to 'say it, don't spray it.' My kids always manage to humble me.

Speaking of being humbled, at church last Sunday, one of the ushers (who appears to be about my age) saw me walking in with my carseat. He immediately walked up to me and said, "Mrs. King, Channing is right over there." MRS. KING?!? Do I look that old?!? We're like the same age, right?!? It hurt. It really hurt. It feels just as bad when a kid in their 20s says 'yes ma'am' to me. OUCH!

That's all I've got for this week, folks! How about you??? This struggling mother of three would love to hear some random thoughts from someone else. It would make me feel oh so sane! :)


Kitty @ Four Little Toms and a Mom said...

Love your thoughts! I too don't like to see bad spelling... especially when I find myself doing it!!! I'll be sure to check back on your blog for more interesting thoughts!

shlane said...

That is so funny you put that about spelling things wrong on FB. Barry and I were just talking about that yesterday. Yes, there are times it is a mistake or your phone auto-corrects wrong, but there are some people that just don't know how to spell. It bothers me, too.

As for babies in a sling, I've heard my fair share of comments with Hannah. She was ALWAYS called a boy in it. I suppose my sling might be boyish with the main color mint, but I don't know too many baby boys that wear bows in their hair. After baby 1 Barry pitched a solution to the problem, but it just hasn't taken off... Crotchless Diapers.

The best comment I got with the baby sling was when I was in Walmart and this lady was fascinated with the sling and asking where I got it and what kind. I'm thinking, ok, what does an older lady want with a baby sling, because she is obviously past childbearing age. She wanted one for her DOG!

Rhiannon is way too pretty to be called a boy! She is absolutely precious.

Matt, Carrie, Lucy and Molly Allen said...

ok i am guilty of a pink college team shirt! matt got me a pink TROY tshirt at a game and i like it! but if it helps, i don't think i would ever wear it to a game, just around the house! and as for the sling thing, i have a moby wrap (if you have never seen one go to is awesome!)and i have worn it with molly in it at both walmart and target (it makes grocery shopping with 2 kids so much easier!) and at walmart i get so many stares! i mean, me and matt just count the people we see staring...i guess it is a little different because i usually do the "hug hold" and her little feet just hang out. anyway, when i have worn it out at target, i get all kinds of compliments and people asking me where to get one, etc. so i just thought it was interesting that at walmart people look at me like i am crazy and at target people think it is cool! ha!
oh yeah, and people always say "he" to molly too, while she is in her pink stroller, pink blanket and a pink paci! crazy!

Brandi said...

Hey, there is a hide option on FB. You can hide all that garbage and you can even hide someone who puts way too many status updates that are of no interest to you.

I now find it hilarious when people put the abbreviations because they usually don't mean them. I mean if you are rolling on the floor laughing at something that is not funny, that is funny to me. I get tickled at one particular person who puts ROFL for everything. Now when I see her I crack up. Ah, good times!

I agree about the pink college stuff. I am anti it period. It even pains me to put it on HC. I mean our colors are Crimson & White.


The Hairston's said...

I am always speling things wrog. What's the prolbem? :)

As for the sling....I have also gotten my fair share of comments. I still use it with Luke while he's in the sitting up position and still get comments of how he looks uncomfortable. He will let me know (believe me!!!) if he were uncomfortable!

Love your thoughts, my friend!!

AngelGirl said...

hahah-oh how i enjoy your htoughts!!!
my take on the boy/girl identity thing...people jsut REALLY don't look---i have made mistakes...but seriously??? if the kid has a bow in HER hair...DUH!!!! and BOTH of my boys have been mistaken for girls...and you KnOW they have never worn girly clothes!! Rhiannon looks liek a little doll!! love the bows!! i'm gonna have to find somewhere that sells pretty ones...
random thought:
1)do they make slings that you can put TWO kiddos in??? imagine the looks i would get then!! haha!! (hope there aren't any spellign errors in this...i wouldn't want you to develop a twitch)
2) i never update my blog...maybe i should delete it....

mjs said...

Annie, my random thoughts are nowhere near as entertaining as yours, but I did think of you last week when I posted a few random questions on my blog :)