Friday, October 30, 2009

Trunk or Treats & Fall Festivals

During this time of year, my boys love hitting up fall festivals and trunk or treats. Each year, we try to make it to our neighbor's church and Asher's school (which also happens to be at a church and was previously Tristan's school). The boys look forward to it for weeks and are always have lots of fun. Here are some of my cell phone pictures (because I'm too lazy to hook up my camera to the computer) from the two we went to this year.

I love this picture because it shows Asher's cool hat he had made. The church had a clown table, and two super cool clowns twisted balloons for the kids. Tristan wanted a sword, but Asher wanted this hat that he saw someone else wearing. Channing and I were shocked that he actually wore it. And he did! He wore it most of the night!Here's a shot of Tristan playing 'pick up frogs'. He must have played it 50 times!On to the Trunk or Treat...
The boys both had other costumes, but once Asher decided to be a Georgia football player, Tristan was racing to keep up. He wasn't going to let Asher be one without him! Here are my two little bulldogs. LOVE these kids!
Watch out, Hershel! My boys are coming up!!!Rhiannon also had another costume, but with both her brothers being football players, she couldn't be left out. She's not one to go rogue. So, here is the boys' cheerleader:My Tristan...and one of his silly poses:And my sweet Asher. Can you tell what he's saying?The Trunk or Treat just provided too much excitement for Rhi. She passed out!Asher's favorite part of the night. Forget the candy, the slide, the costumes, he was all about riding the motorcycles!!!
I would LOVE to share a picture of my favorite costume of the night. A friend of ours dressed up as a Facebook update. It was AWESOME!!! Just a little disclaimer: My friend is one of those "super creative types". I don't have an ounce of her creativity. Anyway, it was super cool. If I had photoshop, I could blur out last names and post it. Alas, I don't, and I don't want to post anyone's picture without permission. Just know...REALLY cool!

My boys (and girl) had lots of fun at their fall festivals, which always makes me happy. :)


The Greenfields said...

your kids are too adorable. and i wish i could see this facebook update. that is funny!!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

So cute!
And funny about the facebook update. Did you see the office last night with Jim as the "book face"!! hahaha!!

Carrie Anne Willingham said...

Super Creative Friend thanks her super kind friend for the wonderful compliment on the costume & says to POST THE PHOTO! Did yours turn out? If not, pull directly from my photos on Facebook. Thanks again!