Thursday, October 15, 2009

It Started Out Innocently Enough...

I had my phone and was going to send a quick picture message to show MiMi that Tristan likes his new jammies.
Next thing I know, Asher was joining in the fun.And before I knew it, I had two monsters sitting on my steps!!! SCARY!WHOA! Is this frightening, or what?!?
I'm not one that likes to call my kids monsters, no matter how they may act in a particular moment. However, when they do this, they want, they NEED to be called monsters. It's their fuel. So, my little monsters they are. They sure are cute monsters! These are the kind I'd like to run into on Halloween night. You can keep the Freddie Kreugers, the Jasons, the mummies, and men with their chainsaws. These are the only monsters I want to see!


Brandi said...

I love those faces! So cute, uh, I mean scary.