Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ash Getting Some Love

My friend, Ashley, sent this picture to me this morning. It's a shot of her precious little man giving Ash some love at our church's big 4th of July Event last night. Ashley and I both have boys the same age. She has a four year old and a one year old just like I do. Her little man, pictured above, is only five weeks older than Asher, but he has been walking (and running, for that matter) since he was like 10 months old. He's also a good bit taller than Asher. It's always so much fun watching them together. Asher usually just gets as still as a statue when Baby N comes around. I LOVE it!!!


LeAnne said...

It is always so sweet to watch little ones "love" on each other like that. ADORABLE!!!

Rachael said...

That is precious!!!