Friday, July 18, 2008

My Blessings

Who knew it was possible to love someone so much?
How do you explain the love a parent has for their child or children? I really am at a loss for words when it comes to this. One thing I do know is that I have learned so much about God through my boys. God has shown me, via my boys, that no matter what I do, He will always love me. Through their lives, He has shown me that no matter how angry they get at me, my love for them doesn't waver one bit, as is true of my Lord. He has shown me that despite my feelings about myself and my shortcomings, He doesn't see them. He thinks I'm just right. Through my boys, my God has shown me that He wants me to succeed and only wants the best for me. My boys lives have also shown me that it is my job (and Channing's) to lead them on the right path. And when they stray from that path, I must discipline them so that they will be kept safe. EXACTLY what God does with me. Thank you, God, for my precious boys and for the lessons you are teaching me through them. I pray that I will make you proud as I raise them to love and to fear You.
May this be the only motorcycle my boys ever ride!
Look at that smile.


Anonymous said...

I mean, it would be hard not to love them!! They are absolutely beautiful! They look like little baby models! And you are such a sweet momma!

The Hairston's said...


Donna said...

Those pictures are extra, extra cute! Love their outfits! I know exactly what you mean about loving your babies. Beautiful post. Beautiful boys!

LeAnne said...

Annie, that is so beautifully put. What gorgeous pictures of your boys!!'re right...we just have no idea what kind of capacity we have to love until we have our own children.

Emily said...

oh, annie..your boys are just beautiful! and these pictures are great! love that door behind tristan!