Thursday, July 3, 2008

Seriously, God?!

As I sit here and type, I am in utter awe of our God. He is SO amazing. Where do I begin?

Ok, so if you've been keeping up with my blog much over the past couple of weeks, you've probably seen the posts I've shared about what God is teaching me right now. I have been asking Him for wisdom and understanding. Just yesterday, I prayed, "Guide me in Your truth and teach me, my God, my Savior." Psalm 25:5. Well guess what? As usual, God does not disappoint.

This morning, I had a family member do something that really upset me. It upset me so much because it was dishonest and deceptive, and I felt that Channing and I were taken advantage of in a big way (there I go again, right?). I don't want to get into specifics, but I'll just say that I've had a really hard time with it.

As soon as I realized what happened, I immediately became angry (poor Channing. He had to sit through probably 30 minutes of me griping and complaining). My anger then turned to sadness. I just couldn't believe that this person would do this and be so deceptive about it. I mean, it really upset me. I had all these ways that I was going to "fix" this situation. I was determined not to reward this bad behavior. If our loved one was going to do this, then I was going to retaliate with that. I was making plans!

I came home for lunch, and after I made my sandwich, I thought I would get into God's Word a little bit while I ate. My first thought was to read today's lesson from my Proverbs study, but then I remembered it was in the car Channing is driving (and he's not home). Since I didn't have that, I pondered what I should read, then out of the blue I thought of my "Life on Purpose for Women" devotional. Channing bought it for me years ago, and I still haven't gotten through it. It seems I always have so many other books going. Anyway, in the past month or two, I have read the first couple of days of the devotional. So I went and grabbed it off the shelf and brought it to the table where I was eating. I opened the book up, and guess what was on the page???

Winning Battles God's Way

Do not say, "I'll pay you back for this wrong!" Wait for the Lord, and He will deliver you. Proverbs 20:22

Ummmm....YES, PEOPLE!!! God is listening and He does care! He hears every word, not that I didn't already know that. I mean, He's made sure to point it out to me EVERY day lately! WOW!!!

Some other nuggets from the devotion:

It seems that one of the hardest things for us to do is to wait for God to deliver us when we are victims of wrongdoing. Often our first reaction is to become angry (yep!), offended (check!), or to retaliate somehow (how embarrassing, but yes!). Unfortunately, when we do that, we usually forfeit any help we might have gotten from the Lord.

Yes, there are times we may have to take appropriate action-perhaps even legal action-but it should only be at God's direction and with His approval. Otherwise, it will be futile, or even disastrous. If you are in need of deliverance from injustice today, be encouraged by God's promise to you: "The Lord will vindicate His people and have compassion on His servants." Psalm 135:14

And a prayer:

Lord, when I'm a victim of injustice, help me to see Your direction above everyone else's. Show me when to take appropriate action and when to wait on You for deliverance. Teach me how to let You fight my battles for me so that I can gain the victory every time. Thank you for promising to be my Vindicator!
In Jesus Name, AMEN!!!

My greatest prayer is that this brings someone hope. God has been showing up in HUGE ways in my life lately, and I am in utter amazement of Him. However, He wants you to know that He loves you too. He cares about your problems and wants to reach out to you and to teach you as well. Matthew 6:33 says, "
But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." I am living proof that this verse is TRUE. Thank you, Lord!!!

Lord, I am amazed by YOU!


Summer Kempfer said...

your awesome girl!! God is AMAZING!!! Pray for the women of Auburn to grow in knowledge and understanding just as I have seen so many of you b'ham girls do!!! Its so awesome to hear what God is teaching you! I long for my friends here in AU to tell me what God is teaching them! It will happen!

These Three Kings said...

wow!! oh LORD .. Thank you so much for revealing your self to this sweet sister in Christ.. I pray that you continue to show her your glory throughout the day.. Thank you so much for those sweet reminders that nothing goes unnoticed by you.. you care about even the smallest thing that bothers us.. what a joy to serve a GOD is so involved in our lives.. this has encouraged me to be mindful of your constant care and joy over us.. help us to TRUST you today!

love you girl! GOd knew what He was doing in giving you this post

MorningSong said...

Wow Annie!!! I am so happy for you! From my perspective I see you going on a journey I went on when we first moved here! Desperate for God and guess what HE SHOWS UP! HE shows up to the slightest cry - if we will only slow down enough to hear HIM!!!! I am just busting with joy for you! I love how faithful and SWIFT HE is to hear us when we cry out to Him! I cannot wait to see how God shows up for you within the next 12 months!

Blessings upon blessigs upon blessings!

annieck said...

Thank you, ladies, SO much for your encouragement. God is SO awesome!
I have learned so much from each of you. Thank YOU for your shining examples of Christ's love. :):):)

Summer, it WILL happen!!!

Memories At Home said...

I'm so glad I "stumbled" across your blog--it's amazing to hear that others think and feel as I do and that God does work wonders in our lives (if we let him in!) Your blog is precious, I especially love what you have in your "about me".. you are wonderful with words! I'm Janie by the way and I'll be one of "your readers" from now on :) lol