Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Our Saturday

Saturday was an extra fun day for Tristan and Asher. They both love being outside, and it just so happened there was a HUGE event going on in the shopping center where our practice is located (ok, maybe HUGE is kind of overstating it a bit...maybe overstating it a lot). Nevertheless, my boys had a blast! As you can see in the picture above, Tristan had his face painted like his favorite thing...a dinosaur! Isn't he scary? :)

What made his day even more special was having his good buddy, Josiah, to play games with. As you can see, we had two dinosaurs running around!
These boys really do love each other!Ash took advantage of his time outdoors by doing LOTS of walking, his new favorite trick.
All that walking makes a boy thirsty!Look at that face! How could anyone ever be upset with such a sweet little man?And here's a picture of my three favorite guys. How blessed I am!!! I love you boys!!!


The Hairston's said...

What cute little dinosaurs! You are SOOOO blessed! Your boys are PRECIOUS!!

M.S. said...

You are so blessed! The best part is that you realize how blessed you! That way you get to be appreciative and enjoy it! Love ya!

MorningSong said...

I love those dinosaur faces!! The coolest!!!!


Rachael said...

We had fun too! Josiah was ready to wash off his dinosaur as soon as we made it home. So funny!