Thursday, July 17, 2008

Doing Much Better

Thank you SO much to all of you who have been praying for Channing and me. We are doing SO much better today. Praise God! Channing has gone in to work, and I'm still at home trying to rest up. I still feel light headed and dizzy when I stand up, but that may be because I haven't eaten anything in a while. I am going to test chicken broth at lunch. Yum, right? So, I'm not 100% just yet, but I am WAY better than yesterday. Food poisoning is no joke, ya'll!

I am so thankful that Channing is better. I hate to see him feeling bad. I am proud to be his wife, though. Despite his feeling awful yesterday, he still worked through it and took care of things that needed to be done. I know it wasn't easy.

Today is a new day, and we are on our way to a full recovery. I truly believe we are better because of prayer. I read online that food poisoning can last a week, but thanks to prayer, we are MUCH better! Thank you for your prayers. God is so good!!!

And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well.
James 5:14

I am a believer in this verse!


Ole Miss Mom said...

Wait...did I miss something???

Glad you guys are doing better!!! We had a really long throw up bug not too long ago! I wonder if that's what you guys seems to be everywhere! :-)

annieck said...

Thanks, Lindsay! Yeah, we know a lot of people who got the bug you're talking about. Tristan even had it for a day, but I really think Channing and I had food poisoning. Just based on what we ate (I think it was the fish) and how our symptoms both came on at exactly the same time, and the fact that the boys have been totally fine, I really really think it was the food.
Thank goodness we're better today! Yesterday was ROUGH!

The Hairston's said...

So glad to hear you guys are feeling better! Love you!

LeAnne said...

OMG, glad you guys are feeling better. Give my best to Channing too!! I'll be sure to say an extra prayer for you guys. How sweet that Tristan has been praying for you guys!!

Leslie said...

Ugh, I'm so sorry ya'll got that! That is tough stuff. R got food poisoning one time and we were stuck in a hotel! Thank goodness it was before kids! Thinking of you...