Thursday, July 10, 2008


Yes, folks. That's right. FREE diapers! That's almost like an oxymoron. :) I first read about this on The Centsible Sawyer's blog a couple of weeks ago. I called and left a couple of messages, and on Tuesday, I finally connected with Sheila. I am now signed up to receive a FREE pack of size 4 diapers. All I have to do is have Asher wear the diapers, I fill out a survey, she calls me to get the results, AND then they send me $10 DOLLARS!!! FREE DIAPERS AND $10 DOLLARS! Woo hoo!!!

Sheila (the lady at Arquest, the survey company) said that if I knew of anyone with kids who wear size 4 diapers, to pass on the information. This is the last week for size 4.

For size 4 BOYS, call (888) 342-7372 ext. 634.
For size 4 GIRLS, call (888) 342-7372 ext. 646.

Thanks to The Centsible Sawyer for this great information!!!


The Hairston's said...

I can't believe Asher and Eli are in the same size diapers!!
Is this for any brand of diapers?

Brandy said...

Thanks! Calling them right now.....

annieck said...

Leisha, that's funnny! He's catching up! Nathan is in size 5 and size 6 at night! :)
This is for a diaper study, so I'm not sure what brand they'll send me. She asked me what kind I normally buy, so I'm assuming she'll send me a different brand. I know some people say they got Pampers and some got other brands. I kind of hope to get something I haven't tried before, but I'm up for whatever. :)

Anonymous said...

Yay!!! Gabe is still in size 4's! I'm calling right now!

Hillary Dunham said...

I am on the phone now. Yes- my 9 month old is in size 4s!!! AWESOME!

Hillary Dunham said...

OK- size 4 is closed. They are on to size 3 now, but they will do size 4 again in August. I left a message-
You'll have to let me know how they do.