Friday, July 11, 2008

Welcome Weekend

I hope you all have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!!! :) Aren't Fridays SO great?!

We are getting a sitter tonight for the first time in, well, hmmm.... I don't think we've ever had an actual babysitter, who wasn't related to us, watch both our boys while we go out. I am pretty excited and a little nervous too. We are going to eat with Channing's brother, his wife-to-be, and his parents at Prairie Fire Grill *yum* for a little family celebration dinner for the newly engaged couple. Should be fun!

Tomorrow, we'll hang out around the house, get some things done, have some fun. Then tomorrow night, I'll have a mom's night out (with some great friends) that is doubling as a going away party for our dear sweet friend, Adrienne. She's moving far far away to Virginia. {sniff}. Sunday will be a family day. The boys and I (all three boys) will attend the greatest church in the world, Church of the Highlands (I'm just slightly biased), then we'll spend time doing fun family stuff, like playing t-ball, dinosaurs, chase, etc. Fun stuff!

I'm sure this was pretty boring to you. Sorry! What are your plans this weekend???


The Hairston's said...

Saturday was fun!! Maybe we can have another night out like that soon!
Congrats to Ryan! How did things go with the babysitter? I would have been nervous also. We have only had 1 baysitter watch Sam and Eli for us that we weren't related to. She did great though. Where is Prairie Fire Grill? I thought they closed.

MorningSong said...

What fun plans you had!! I hope you enjoyed every minute of your outings. Finding a great babysitter is priceless isn't it?!?


annieck said...

Things went GREAT with our sitter. She said Asher didn't cry at all! Praise God! He really likes her...a lot, which gives me so much peace. :)

Praire Fire Grill is in the same place, but it has different owners. I tried it a few years ago and didn't really like it all that much, but it was FANTASTIC Friday night! :) YUM!