Wednesday, July 16, 2008

When Doing a Detox...

...Don't cheat! You are only cheating yourself, I promise! As some of you may already know from reading my post last week, Channing and I are doing a 21 day detox and cleanse. Let me give you a little update:

I did two days of the detox, with the supplements and diet, and had to stop taking the supplements because they were affecting Asher's little body too (yes, I'm still nursing. It's only once, maybe twice a day. We're working our way to 18 months, our stopping point). Not only was my body being cleaned out, but his was too. For some reason, I don't think that's good for a one year old. Standard Process doesn't think so either. ;)

I had to stop with the supplements, but I have kept with the diet. As of the weekend, I had lost three pounds. Pretty good. I was pleased. I did cheat on Saturday night because some friends and I attended a going away dinner for a friend, and Mexican doesn't quite fit the detox diet. Oh well. I felt ok with it because it was one day. Then yesterday happened...

Channing's mom was in town and took us out to eat at a super yummy restaurant. I did well. I ordered my healthy detox-style dish. Then, she got dessert. One bite couldn't hurt, right? I'm sure it wouldn't, but I took like five! AAAAGH! What got into me?! Next up, Channing and I decided to go to a movie (with his mother's urging. She's so great!). As soon as we walked in, we smelled the popcorn. I mean, who goes to the movie and doesn't get popcorn?!

So Channing starts smelling it and talking about how good it would taste, but that we are on the detox and can't have any. I couldn't leave it at that, though. Nooooo...I pulled, what I realized this morning was, an "Eve". I, like Eve with the apple in the book of Genesis, urged Channing to get some popcorn. I mean, how bad could one night of cheating be? We'll be all detoxed out. We still have more than a week and a half. After some strong urging, he conceded. We got the popcorn and a drink.

This morning, I woke up feeling AWFUL! I am so serious! I feel nauseated and my stomach feels queasy. That's when it hit me, what I had done. I had convinced my husband, who NEVER cheats on these things, to cheat and eat something (that didn't even taste good, mind you) unhealthy, and that did not fit the recommended diet. Just call me Eve! Eve convinced Adam to eat the forbidden fruit, and we all know how that turned out. Channing also feels a little yucky. I feel terrible! Physically, I feel awful, and mentally, I feel bad too. What was I thinking?!

This experience has taught me several lessons. One lesson it's taught me is that some of the foods I had previously enjoyed so much are SO awful for me. It took eating super healthy for a week and a half to show me the effects of eating junk, even if it's just one meal! Think of how our bodies adapt to these junk foods and stop giving us warning signals that these things are bad. I mean, normally when I eat popcorn and have a soft drink, I don't notice anything. After eating healthy for a week and a half, though, I really noticed the effects of the unhealthy foods last night.

Another lesson it has taught me is the power of my influence with my husband. The Bible teaches of women's influence with men. This situation has reminded me that I need to make sure my influence with Channing is godly and has his best interests at heart. In last night's case, it was total selfishness. I was more concerned with my fleshly desires than in what was best for his health and my own. I was tempted and fell, and I brought Channing with me.

In Joyce Meyer's book, Battlefield of the Mind, she says, "The Holy Spirit is quick to remind you if your mind is beginning to take you in a wrong direction, then the decision becomes yours. Will you flow in the mind of the flesh or in the mind of the Spirit? One leads to death, the other life. The choice is yours." WOW! How true?! Last night, I knew I was making a poor decision, but I was flowing in the mind of the flesh. Man!

Today is a new day, though. Thank God that for His mercies and that He is always teaching me! I don't like feeling sick, but I am so thankful that my Lord cares enough to teach me and to lead me in holiness! What a powerful lesson!

Now the mind of the flesh {which is sense and reason without the Holy Spirit} is death {death that compromises all the miseries arising from sin, both here and hereafter}. But the mind of the {Holy} Spirit is life and {soul} peace {both now and forever}. Romans 8:6

So, if you ever do a detox, DON'T CHEAT! Can I just say, I'm living and breathing proof that it's not worth it.

UPDATE: It appears that Channing and I have food poisoning. Based on what I've read about the symptoms we are having (and some of the food we ate last night), I'm 99% sure that's what we have. PLEASE PRAY FOR US! It's really hard when both parents are sick. Tristan can entertain himself, but Asher, not so much. Too, Channing really needs to be able to finish his week out at work, and tomorrow is his last day. Our patients need him.
Tristan has been praying for us, and that has been really sweet.
Thank you for your prayers. I hope we'll wake up refreshed tomorrow. I read that some cases can last for a week! However, my God is Jehovah-rapha, the GOD THAT HEALS. I fully believe that I am going to be a new woman tomorrow. Praise God. Thank you, again, for your prayers!


Hillary Dunham said...

ooohph. I am definitely praying for you. I've had food poisoning twice and it will knock you on your feet. What a great detox lesson and WOWZERS on your nursing! That's amazing!
I hope you feel better soon!

The Hairston's said...

Poor Kings! I will be praying that you guys will wake up tomorrow feeling 100% better.
Let me know if there is anything I can do!

Donna said...

Oh no- how awful for mommy and daddy to both have food poisoning! I will pray for quick recovery. Also- that is so true about the Eve thing- I think about that sometimes- we can make or break our man. Oh how I want to be a wife that pushes her husband to better things- not pulls him down to join me in my weaknesses. Thanks for the convicting. Take care!

These Three Kings said...

so sorry to hear you are sick .. LORD would you please heal their bodies. thank you for revealing the simplest truths to us in our time of need., now would you please reveal to them that where they are weak you are STRONGER.. your grace is truly sufficient!
get well girly!!
love ya!
loving the detox idea :)