Friday, October 31, 2008

I Have to Say This

Ok, unless you've been living under a very large rock, you know the presidential election is happening on Tuesday. Millions of people will cast their ballots as to who they believe should be the next leader of our great country. Thing is, I keep hearing Christian men and women say they 1. they will either not vote or 2. they are going to vote for the independent candidate. They don't agree whole-heartedly with either candidate, so instead, they'll forgo their right to vote or will vote for someone who has absolutely no chance to win.

So I ask you, what do you stand to gain by doing this? You see, Barack Obama or John McCain will be our next president. One of them will come out victorious. So by not voting, what are you contributing? By voting for Jo Schmo who no one knows, what are you contributing? All you're doing is taking a vote away from the more ethical candidate. I understand, this is America, and one of the great things about America is the freedom to choose. However, let us be wise in our decisions. By not voting, you're not punishing the Republican or Democratic parties, you're punishing our great country. You're turning your back on God's principles. You're giving up the fight and just saying, "Well, whatever happens happens." That is NOT good enough!!!

Why am I NOT voting for Barack Obama? Let me share:

1. His great love of Planned Parenthood and his views of abortion are sickening. Life begins at conception, and I don't see how ANY Christian could deny that. How can you say, "Well, I don't agree with his abortion views, but I like his economic policies?" NO! Economies come and go. Murdered children don't come back!
Therefore as surely as I live, declares the Sovereign LORD, I will give you over to bloodshed and it will pursue you. Since you did not hate bloodshed, bloodshed will pursue you. (Ezekiel 35:6)
For more info on this issue, visit Randy Alcorn's blog.

2. I do not understand his views on taking from the wealthy and giving to the poor. Why should people be penalized for working hard. It's the "American dream", right? I'm sure you've seen the political cartoons of Barack Obama taking candy from trick-or-treaters and vowing to give it to the kids who were too lazy to trick-or-treat. This is NO different. Ok, listen. I'm nowhere close to the $250,000 bracket, but I don't expect someone who is to give me their hard-earned money just because he has more. Do you realize:

Given the recent controversy over Obama's membership in the Trinity United Church of Christ, is how little the Obamas apparently gave to charity -- well short of the biblical 10% tithe for all seven years. In two of the years, the Obamas gave far less than 1% of their income to charity; in three of the years, they gave around 1% of their income to charity. Only in the last two years have they given substantially more as their income skyrocketed -- 4.7% in 2005 and 6.1% in 2006. (Of course, it is possible that the Obamas may have made gifts to other worthy causes that were not deductible for federal income tax purposes.)
Taken from TaxProf Blog
For John McCain's extremely generous giving data check out

So let me get this straight...Obama wants the rich to give, but he doesn't really give? So he doesn't want to give his money, he wants to give other people's money. Got it!

3. I do not want the government, in any way, in charge of my children's healthcare. The government has proven itself incapable of handling finances, so when it comes to my children's health, I want them no where near it. It's been proven that many government officials have their hands in the pockets of the drug companies. How can I expect my kids to be fairly treated when they are being told what to do what government officials who have something to gain by my children being given certain things? NO WAY!

4. I approach this area cautiously and really don't want to even say anything about it. Thing is, it's on the minds of many, yet no one acknowledges it (well, Rick and Bubba do). I believe that some people will vote for Barack Obama simply because of race. History stands to be made by electing a black president...America's first black president. Thing is, Barack Obama is not black. He is just as much white as he is black. People forget that. Yes, he's still a minority, but he is still only half black. So be honest with yourself. If you're planning to vote for him simply because of his race, please remind yourself that he is just as much white as he is black.
And when it comes to race, WHO CARES?! I don't care if our next president is purple with green polka dots with antennas for ears. If he upholds my values, I'll vote for him. Are there African American, Mexican, Asian, etc. people capable of running our country? OF COURSE! So let's choose the right one. Let's not just elect the first one who comes the closest. If you haven't already seen it, you should check out youtube's Howard Stern (who I am NOT a fan of)'s interviews with people who are voting for Barack. It's sad and funny at the same time.

5. I don't think we should be raising anyone's taxes right now. That is not what is going to make our country's economy stronger. We need to look at country's with strong economies and emulate them. We need to stop going into massive debt.

6. Marriage, by God, is defined as between a man and a woman. If we change this, what's next? It's going to be something else. I guarantee you, it won't stop there. We may face the legalization of much older men marrying young girls. Listen, I know people who are homosexual, and I love them. I sympathize with them because that is simply a sin area that they struggle with. We ALL have our areas. But just because people feel a certain way, we shouldn't legalize it to make their lives easier. It is against God's will. It's not my law, it's His.

7. Barack Obama has had some extremely questionable relationships. He has hung out with terrorists and racists. I don't want someone who keeps that kind of company running the country where I'm raising my children.

8. What is a community organizer anyway?

I understand that I will probably take a lot of heat for this. Thing is, I wouldn't be able to sleep knowing that I didn't share my beliefs. For all my fellow McCain/Palin supporters, it's not too late. Things look grim, but "nothing is impossible with God." I ask you to join me in prayer over the next few days. Lift up this election and the people of our country. Pray that we will choose wisely. Pray that God will grant us mercy. AND VOTE!!! "Those who stand in the middle of the road get hit by both sides." Unknown


dev said...

Amen, Annie!! :) Absolutely--any vote that is not for McCain is a vote for Obama. I really hope that people get that in time!!

Shasta said...

Very well said! I'm also glad that someone else finally said what I keep saying, the man is NOT just black, he is just as much white. I don't understand how he can be our first African American president when he is just as much caucasian as he is african american.

Anonymous said...

What about Palin's record of lies?

annieck said...

"Palin's record of lies", what do you mean specifically?
And regardless, Obama has proven himself to be dishonest. So why elect someone who has proven himself dishonest and who believes in abortion and stands against so many of the principles I stand for? I'll proudly stick with Palin.:)

Thanks for stopping by, anonymous.

Amy said...

I totally agree with your post. The abortion issue in itself could easily help me decide NOT to vote for Obama. How do people reconcile the taking of innocent, unborn lives? Oh, wait a minute. Obama supports abortion at any stage. You can practically deliver the fully formed child and then kill it. And people can overlook this?!?
I'm praying with you for God's mercy.

Donna said...

Amen! I really hope I don't hear to many folks say "oh- I forgot to vote". We HAVE to vote for life!

Hillary Dunham said...

Amen, Amen and Amen! I don't know what else to do besides pray fervently. It gives me chill bumps- in a bad way- to think of the alternative. ugh. I'm worried.

Anonymous said...

Very well said... I have been very worried about this election. I have definitely been in prayer and will continue to be. May God give us the peace to deal with what we are dealt...