Wednesday, October 15, 2008

In Athens to Cheer on the Dawgs

Last weekend, we made the journey to Athens to watch the Dawgs take on the Vols. It was our first, and probably our last, Georgia game of the year. With Channing's work schedule and Tristan's soccer schedule, we haven't been able to get out of town much.
Our first stop last weekend was at Dr. Huppert's chiropractic office. Channing worked in Dr. Huppert's office the first year after he got out of chiropractic school. It was a long drive from Marietta, Georgia.
As you can see in the picture below, Tristan had a blast playing in the leaves. I guess since we don't have many leaves in our yard, he has to get them when he can.
My sweet boy!After our visit with Dr. Huppert, Tristan was ready to do his favorite thing in on the "little football field" aka the practice field. Every trip to Athens has at least one trip to the little field. Here are Channing and Tristan playing some football:
Ash had his own game goin' on:I got this shot of Tristan at the top of a hill at the practice field. I just thought it looked kind of cool:Me and my boy. He's definitely my momma's boy! Oh, notice he's eating Asher's baby snack. He loves banana puffs!Ash with his football, or as he calls it...B ball!Channing's parents stay in the same hotel as UGA VII (and the UGAs before him), so it's always fun to be on the hunt to see him. Here's his owner's car tag. You know you're an important dog when your owner's car pays tribute to you:
YEA, SCORE! An UGA VII encounter!!! This couldn't have been more perfect for Asher. He is puppy obsessed right now. If I hear the word puppy once, I hear it a thousand times a day!!! The boy LOVED seeing UGA.Puppy!The next day, we ran into Hairy Dog. Since Hairy Dog is a dog, Asher was THRILLED! I couldn't get him to look at the camera because he was way too fixated on the mascot.-Here's a typical brother shot. It's almost impossible to get a picture of them together...a decent one anyway. Oh brotherly love and tailgating...what's better than that?Asher and I opted out of going in the game. Instead, we went back to the hotel for some naptime and playtime. Oh, and of course for snacks!!!We had a great weekend in Athens. Georgia won! Florida won (the Tigers went down!), Auburn lost...GREAT weekend packed full of great football!!!


LeAnne said...

WOW Annie...what fun!! Looks like a perfect weekend of college football and family time. I love the picture of Tristan at the top of the hill...he is so ADORABLE. And how awesome that you guys got to see
UGA VII...that is awesome!!

Hillary Dunham said...

I will ignore your Auburn comment and tell you that your kids are precious- even in black and red!
And did you know that Meg had Uga's grand- puppy as their family pet growing up. Her name was Blossom and we all loved her. That dog slobbered like Hooch from Turner and Hooch, though. And I can't remember what Uga it was, though- maybe Uga 3??
So glad Ash got to meet puppy royalty while he's in the kick! Isn't that fun??

Donna said...

What a fun trip- your kids could not be cuter. I could just eat Asher up with that little baby face! We need to nail down a zoo date- when can you go? Also- I'm officially going to try bare minerals- I've been on the fence, but you've pushed me over.

The Hairston's said...

Love the pictures! Especially the one of Tristan on the hill & the clouds behind him...beautiful! What a fun trip!