Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thursday's Random Thoughts

Welcome back to another weekly installment of my random thoughts. As always, the following are just random thoughts that pop into my head from day to day. Be warned...they're deeeeeeeep!

I am lovin' the Brooke Shields VW SUV commercials. They are hilarious!!!

Speaking of cars, I am completely and totally freaked out by the Smart Car. I really am. I saw one driving for the first time about a month ago. It blew my mind. It is the tiniest thing, which brings me to this...
Is it really a "smart" car? I mean, I don't think you'll look too smart if you're in a car accident. That car looks like it would be squished like a bug.

As I was walking this morning, I saw worms everywhere...all over the sidewalks. I mean, like thousands. I only saw one that was actually alive. Where are these worms coming from? I thought they only came out right before or after rain. Thing is, we haven't seen rain in forever and don't look light we're going to get an any time soon.

Speaking of rain, I am MISSING it BIG TIME! Rain, rain, wherefore art thou rain???

The Jenny McCarthy/Posh Spice haircut (there's a little controversy as to who actually had it first) is really making its run. I don't know when I've seen so many people with the exact same haircut. I guess the last time was in the 90's...the Jennifer Anniston. The Jenny McCarthy/Posh Spice haircut may outlast that one. It seems like it's been going on for a WHILE. I mean, Jenny and Posh long got rid of theirs, but I still see tons of people with it. I find that very interesting.

Tonight is the big VP debate. MUST SEE T.V. I'm nervous. I'm praying that we, as Americans, will look past their words and see their hearts. I pray that truths will be revealed and eyes will be opened.

Will people please give Mark Richt a break? I mean, seriously. If I hear one more time, "I can't believe he won the toss and opted to defer until the second half.", I'm going to scream. Quit criticizing him for doing the EXACT same thing that EVERY coach does. I don't know the last game I've watched where a coach won the toss and accepted the ball first. They always defer. Always. Yes, I know Alabama's first half game stats for the season. Mark Richt knew them too. However, let's be honest. He really didn't think we were that good. He thought we were that good in the other games because we had not really played anyone tough. He thought they would be fine. Give the guy a break. Hindsight's 20/20.

Christmas in October? It appears all the stores think so. They're lowering the price of toys starting now. Grrrrrrreat. Now I feel the pressure to shop. It's not the best time for me. I like to shop IN December. I'm not one of those who starts Christmas shopping in July. That is completely strange to me. I guess because I have a hard time keeping surprises. When I buy something, I like to give it right away. It's a problem, really.

I get a little self-conscious when people my age (or slightly younger...AND very younger) call me "Ma'am". I immediately turn around to see if my mom is standing behind me. I mean, I'm not THAT old, right? When I was walking this morning, a guy, who appeared to be my age, answered me with, "Yes ma'am."
What?! Who?! Me?! Oh, you ARE talking to me.
The girls and I had this conversation at the beach a couple of weeks ago. Not the whole "ma'am" talk, but we all talked about how young we thought we all looked. Are we seeing what we want to see? Do high schoolers and college kids think we're ancient, while we are walking around thinking we're young and cool? Embarrassing.

That's all I got. You have any random thoughts? If so, please share. You can share them in my comment box or post your own and leave a link.

Happy Thursday!


The Hairston's said...

Oh how I love Thursdays! You make me laugh!

holly said...

your random thoughts are incredibly random, and very funny. i wish i could live in your head for a day. as for looking young, yes you/we do. i swear, everytime i get together with our group of college friends, everyone gets prettier. and i know nobody is having plastic surgery, so i don't know. i was looking at my TSU scrapbook with my sis-in-law the other day, an she said i look better today than i did then. so youngsters, keep your 'yes ma'ams' to yourself!

Amber Brockett said...

Thanks for the thoughts...and the song playing when I read them was just for me today so thanks for that too!! I have been helping Beth in Troy some with rush and date parties and those girls even said "Mrs. Amber"...what that is even worse then mam!!! I guess we need to get used to it because we certainly arent getting any younger!! And I am nervous for Palin already!! POsted a prayer on my blog for her....hope she nails it tonight Miss you!!

The Hoppers said...

I had the Rachel! And since I work in a school, I am always called ma'am. Not fun! It's even better when the kids ask if I am 40.

M.S. said...

Annie... you brighten my day! (even when I don't get in to see you in person:)) I always bust out laughing when I read your blog! Don't stop sharing your random thoughts...Except about the worms... YUCK! See you soon!