Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thursday's Random Thoughts

Happy Thursday to you! I'm back for another weekly installment of my random thoughts...just strange and random things that have popped into my head this week. Some are more profound than others. :) So here goes:
Seriously??? I mean, come on...seriously?! Auburn has already fired Tony Franklin? Poor guy. I mean, it was only like the day before that Tubby was talking about how they were going to stick with Franklin and his offense. Ok, hmmm. What changed in a day? Where does Franklin go from here? The picture of him in the paper loading his books into his car broke my heart.
Where does Auburn go from here? Will the worst team in the SEC beat them this weekend? Will Kodi Burns get the quarterback job? Can Auburn settle down with one quarterback? Will Tubby keep his job? So many questions...

The UGA/Vandy game could be much more of a game than previously anticipated. I mean, who knew Vandy was such a powerhouse?! We're going to the UGA/UT game this weekend, but I would much rather be going to the game next weekend. It's going to be way more of a game than this weekend's. I think so, anyway.

Thank goodness Alabama has an off week. After that Kentucky game, we need it!

Ok, so if you're in your 30's or 40's, I think it is completely inappropriate to be wearing pants with words written across your rear. I mean, come on. Do you really want to draw attention to that area of your body? Especially if that area isn't what it once was. I am not a fan of any woman/girl/child/baby having anything scrawled across their backside. Think of the message you're sending. Not a fan, not a fan at all. If you ever see me sporting a pair of pants with "bootylicious", "juicy", or "aeropostle" written across my bum, please check on me. Something's wrong.

Every time I see NFL football highlights, I tell myself, "Wow. That looks exciting. I'm definitely going to start getting into the NFL...this Sunday night. Yep. This is the week. " Then I watch it, and it's SO boring. I never see any of the things I see in the T.O pretending to be Usain Bolt, no Ocho Cinco pretending the football's a baby and rocking it to sleep. None of that. All I see is a bunch of big middle aged guys playing boring football. Can someone please give me a call when something exciting's happening?

A lot of people think Barack Obama could possibly be the anti-Christ. You hear it all the time. I don't think he's the anti-Christ that Revelations speaks of, however, I'm afraid of an America with him as the president. A one-issue voter, I am not. Thing is, his stance on abortion completely upsets me, specifically when it relates to late-term abortion and to babies who are denied emergency care after surviving an abortion. I also have a HUGE problem with his ideas on healthcare and his policies for that. No way I want the government in control of my children's healthcare. No way.

Whenever you read an article in a magazine about a pregnant celebrity, it never fails, they always talk about how 'sexy' their mate (I mean, often times they're unmarried) thinks it is that they're pregnant. Is that really true? Do you think Brad Pitt really thinks Angelina Jolie is sexier pregnant than unpregnant? Not that she, and most other celebrities, don't look picture-perfect while expecting, it's just that I have a hard time imagining that guys are SO into pregnant women. Perhaps it's because whenever I'm pregnant, I look like I'm carrying sextuplets. Yep, nothing sexy about that. Hmmmmm.....I'm beginning to think this non-sexy pregnant thing just refers to me....hmmmm....

Speaking of any women out there find it sexy when their men wear speedos (or any man for that matter)? I don't care how good looking I find my husband, the last thing I want to see him strolling down the beach in is a speedo. NO thank you. Totally not my thing. For some reason, though, whenever I go to the beach, I see men wearing them...all over the place...And most of the men are like ages 50 and older. Again, no thank you. I much prefer the long shorts.

That's all I got this week. Tune in next week for more deeeeeeep thoughts. AND if you have any to share, I would love to read them!!!


Hillary Dunham said...

I love your random thoughts. You are way to into football my friend! And I love my bootylicious shorts. I don't know WHAT you could mean!

annieck said...

You're right, Hil. Football, specifically SEC football, is a bit of a problem. I just LOVE it! :)
You crack me up! Please take a picture of your bootylicious shorts. I would love to see! HA! :)

Brandi said...

I am very anti words across the bottom. I guess when you have a big ol' bottom like me you don't really want to draw anymore attention to that area. On a random note, I saw another scrunchy at the gym. I looked and they still sell them at CVS. Also, I was that person at the gym today. Although I wasn't talking on my cell phone, I was on a conference call (which actually means just listening) while I rode the bike. It was either then or not at all. I guess I don't need to be so judgemental. Lesson learned.

holly said...

I felt the same way about NFL, until I moved to a city with an NFL team (although you did live in ATL). Nashvillians are crazy for their Titans, and you can't help but jump on the bandwagon.

annieck said...

Brandi, I had a friend who told me she talks on the phone at the gym to pass time. It doesn't work for me, but I can see what she's saying. Most of us need some distraction during our workouts, and that happens to be hers (and, obviously, others'). I can see how that can help, even if I would be huffing and puffing while talking. She's in better shape than I. :)

Holly, Channing keeps telling me NFL games are fun if you're actually there. Honestly, though, I think he just enjoys the booty music. ;)

Anonymous said...

The game you should have watched was the Monday night game between the Saints and the Vikings....Reggie Bush returned 2 punts for TD's and should have had a 3rd but he tripped on himself. Unbelievable.......the athletes are amazing and make college players look like high school athletes.

I agree with your thoughts on Obama being the're probably reacting to the email I sent you. I don't think he's the "anti-christ" persay but I am very concerned about his beliefs and the direction that he will take this country.

One thing that you and Channing need to carefully watch is how he is going to treat the "small business owner"....that is where the fundamental difference between Obama and McCain will shine through.

See ya tomorrow!

luv......your bro in law

Emily said...

I was at that saints/vikings game!..and channing's IS much more exciting when you're actually AT the game, rather than watching from your sofa. Mike is all NFL and not a college fan at all..drives me INSANE! he says he just enjoys watching how physical the pro guys hard they can hit..must be a guy thing?

Sarah @ Fiddledeedee said...

Oh, I love your random thoughts posts. I agree with you - being at the mercy of the government giving me permission to have surgery? Or what treatments/shots/procedures the government deems necessary or unecessary for my children? No thanks.

Aside from those very scary thoughts, I am laughing! Great post ;)

Jon Mitchell said...

Couple things. First, I think you made the comment about Speedo's simply so you could do a Google search to find a good picture. :)

Secondly, how do we as voters, more specifically Christians, pick and choose what we want the government controlling? You say you don't want the government to control your child's healthcare (and as of now, neither do I), but you do want them to control your child's education, do you not (i.e., public education, possible requirements/standards for home school parents, etc.)? I am as 'Free Market/Capitalist' as they come, I am just finding myself with a lot of contradictions in my politics these days.

Finally, just on a theological note, it is 'Revelation', not 'Revelations' other words, it is to be read as a single Revelation to John, not multiple Revelations. Sorry, I was corrected early this year on that, so I am passing the buck. And no, Barack Obama is not the anti-Christ, considering he doesn't even come from the right area of the world. However, McCain...just kidding.

I'm glad we're friends Annie. There's not to many people who care about all of this the way you and I least enough to do their own research.

annieck said...

Jon, to answer your question "how do we as voters, more specifically Christians, pick and choose what we want the government controlling?" I think it comes down to each person's particular preferences. There is no one-size fits all here. What's important to me may not be important at all to you or to Sally down the street. I don't think that just because we're Christians, we all have to want for the exact same things out of the government (except for those that are clearly stated in the Bible...i.e. abortion). I mean, do we have to have the same favorite kind of icecream? I think not.
With regards to public education, yes, technically it is government controlled; however, each school system has its own standards and methods. There is no big national government curriculum, thank God! There are state-mandated ___that must be taught.
While the government does control the funding, teachers are often given the opportunity to contribute their ideas on how and with what supplies and methods the children are taught.
In the particular town where we live, I feel confident in the public education that my children would receive. In another town, my answer may be different.
As for homeschooling, I am totally fine with people's choice to homeschool. I think many children who are homeschooled do exceptionally well; however, as a teacher who has taught kids who were "homeschooled" and appeared to have done nothing at home, I have some concerns. My major concern is that while some parents do an amazing job at teaching their children, there are those who keep their kids home simply because they are afraid to send them out of the home. There are kids whose parents haven't the slightest clue as to where to begin when it comes to educating their children, and their children suffer. It's not fair to the kids. It's not fair to the children who are educated and receive the same diploma that those kids receive. I simply believe that there should be a standard...some accountability. If all the kids receive the same diploma, there should be some way of making sure the kids received the education they were due. I won't apologize for this belief, even though I know many disagree with me.

As for why I don't want the government in control of my children's healthcare...have you checked out the other countries where this is happening??? Those people are coming HERE, to America, for treatment. It doesn't work! To me, comparing government education and government run healthcare is comparing apples to oranges. Ok, if the public school system isn't effectively teaching my children, I can work with them at home. If the government is in charge of their healthcare, I am at their mercy for the health of my children. That means no freedom of choice in what I do or don't want my children injected with. I'm not going to get all into specifics on this point because you know how I feel about it. Most people do. There is just absolutely no way I want the government deciding whether or not my kids deserve an MRI if they need it; whether or not they are to be injected with their vaccines, etc.
Families who are unable to afford insurance can currently get Medicaid or All Kids. I know a lot of people who use it for their kids. If they can get that, and if Channing and I are able to provide insurance for our kids, why should I be forced to have government insurance? No thanks.

I disagree with Barack Obama on SO many counts: abortion, government healthcare, taxes, socialism, the company he keeps... The list goes on. I am voting the way I feel led to vote, and I encourage others to do the same.

Thanks for sharing, Jon. You know I love you and Karen. I DO think you need to take a harder look at the whole abortion issue...specifically denying emergency care to a baby who has survived a botched abortion. That is murder, plain and simple. It's huge. It really is. When you become a father, it will be even more important to you. :) I know you said you're not voting for Barack and that you think it's small-minded for Christians to be one-issue voters; however, for me, that one issue is more than enough. I am voting on many issues, but that is THE most important to me. :)

Have a great day, my friend!!!

annieck said...

Oops! I left a blank when my mind went blank above. I meant to say that there are state standards that must be taught each year in public school. I had a break from my brain for a moment! :)

Oh, and I SO didn't just want to google a speedo. I just thought that would be the funniest picture I could post. :) YUCK!

Jon Mitchell said...

Aren't all of the civilian casualties (many of them children) that have taken place in our 'War on Terrorism' just as important to God as the murder of partial birth abortion? I know, I know...apples to oranges, right? :) And FYI, Fast Company had a huge report early this year on the number of Americans who are leaving the U.S. for better health care in Thailand. I am with you, socialized health care is a VERY risky response to our current health care crisis, but we have to find a solution because in 10 years, neither one of us will be able to afford it.