Monday, October 27, 2008

When Will I Learn?

Yesterday was a super packed day for us. The morning started with church, followed by lunch with MiMi and PaPa (at Joels...YUM!), then on to a fall festival, Tristan's soccer party, and then a birthday dinner with friends (Happy Birthday, Brandi!). We had so much going on, we barely had time to think. It was TONS of fun, though.

Sadly, through all this, we were dragging our sweet little Asher along, and he had a cold...which got worse as the day went on. Because of his runny nose, we opted to keep him out of the nursery at church (you're welcome) ;). He went in to worship with us, then Channing kept him in the lobby for the service (which worked out well because it was a PG-13 service about sex and romance). ;)

By the time we made it to Brandi's birthday dinner (where Santa also happened to be dining~but that's another story), poor Asher was coughing all over the place (sorry, guys!). So as soon as we finished eating and hanging out, we ran Ash home, gave him a quick bath, a spoonful of honey and put him to bed. He did well for the first couple of hours, but then he woke up coughing. I felt so bad for my little guy, so I filled up the humidifier and ran upstairs to rock him. I did this for a while, but then he wanted his daddy (MAJOR daddy's boy). I sent Channing in, and I went downstairs to finish my pumpkin cheesecake for small group.

Channing got Asher back to sleep, but it only lasted for about an hour. Then he was crying again. Me, being the cuddly mom that I am, thought that I could solve his sleeping problem by bringing him to bed with me. So I loaded him up and carried him down the stairs. I put him in bed beside me, prayed over him, and spoke lots of encouraging words to him. At this point, if Asher were Tristan, he would be passed out. Not Asher. This child has been trained since the beginning to only sleep alone. He wasn't having it. It didn't matter how much snuggling I did, how many back rubs, he just wasn't comfortable. Finally, after about 30-40 minutes of this, I gave him another spoonful of honey, some water, and carried him back to his bed.

Guess what? He eagerly leaned over the side. He wanted his bed, not mine. SAD! After that, he slept the rest of the night. No more interruptions. Sad for me, but great for him. Now if I could just remember this the next time, I would save myself a lot of the heartache and time. As much as I want to snuggle my sick little baby, he would prefer to be alone (or with his daddy). When will I ever learn?


~k said...

Hey Annie! I just got an email about a home remedy (that I have also tried and it works)for coughing- sleep with Vicks on your feet with socks on. Don't know how hard that will be for a little one but it really helped me!
LOVE your blog by the way!!!

Kelli Griffin Alfreds

annieck said...

Very interesting, Kelli! I'll have to try that!!! THANKS!

Brandi said...

Thanks for the great Birthday dinner! Poor little Asher. We pray he feels better. HC had a runny last night too. She and I slept on the couch so I could prop her up and let that little nose drain. BTW we had Joels for lunch yesterday too. Love it!

The Greenfields said...

annie- i feel you on the cuddling- noah isn't quite as bad as asher, he's more cuddly with me when he's sick and slept in our bed last week when he had that cold- but he WILL NOT fall asleep on me and typically prefers his bed. he doesn't reach yet, but if he could, i am sure he would reach for his bed! sometimes i WISH he would let me rock him to sleep but he's just not having it!! i know it's better for our lifestyle in the long run to have him love his bed but sometimes my mommy heart just wants a good snuggle!!

i hope he feels better soon. poor little guy. when can you start with the honey? do they have to be over a year?

Jeremy said...

My baby boy James is the exact same - he snuggles for about 5 seconds when he feels good and maybe 30 seconds when he's sick!
Hope Asher feels better soon!

annieck said...

Rachel, you're right. Babies have to be at least a year old before giving them honey.
Thanks, everybody, for your well wishes! Each day, Asher is improving! :)

The Greenfields said...

did anyone get a picture of santa claus?

annieck said...

NO! Isn't that sad?!
It's funny that Santa was there eating because when Tristan was two and half (or so), he saw "Jesus" eating there.
There was a man with long brown hair, and when Tristan saw him, he said, "Look, Mommy! It's Jesus!"

Hillary Dunham said...

We Babywise trained both of ours and they go to bed without us. I am totally with you that I love this most nights, but sometimes I need to cuddle! Thankfully they haven't been sick TOO terribly many nights (is that a jinx or what?), but I know that feeling. Hope Ash is feeling better!