Thursday, October 23, 2008

I Just Had to Share This...

...well, because it's funny.

Let me just say that I say duh things all the time, and after I say them I think...what was I thinking? I'm pretty sure my Winn Dixie cashier is or will be asking herself the same question.
I was just down at the grocery store getting Asher a snack and was standing in the check out line. Asher was gnawing on his fingers, and the cashier asked, "Is he getting some teeth?" I told her he was getting two new teeth, and we talked about where they were. Then she asked, and this is the kicker: "Are they baby teeth or adult teeth?"
Ummm....he's 18 months old. They're baby teeth.~ My thoughts of course.

I smiled and told her they were his baby teeth.

"Oh yeah. Of course. Then he'll go through it all again."

Yep! Anyway, I just had to share because it was so funny. I'm sure I leave people scratching their heads all the time. :)


The Hairston's said...

Good stuff!! That's funny!

AngelGirl said...

hahah! i say stuff like that all the time!! well probably not QUITE that ridiculous...but you know!! haha!! how did you not start laughing right then?? lol!!!