Saturday, October 4, 2008

My Favorite Fan Sign

Last Saturday, I shared my favorite fan sign. It was from the Alabama/Georgia game and was made by a Georgia fan...

Nick, we need gas money!

This week, my favorite sign came via a Vandy fan...

The geeks shall inherit the turf.


Way to go, Vandy! Awesome win!!!

The Tide rolled too...just really slowly, really crookedly (is that a word?). They won, but just barely. They certainly didn't look like the team who dominated Georgia last week. Yeah, I hope they get that fixed. Oh well. A "W" is a "W", right? ROLL TIDE!!! 6-0!!!


LeAnne said...

slowly and crookedly...INDEED!! Hilarious sign!!!

The Hairston's said...

I love looking at all the signs!

Our favorite sign last week had to be: Terrence Cody ate my family

Favorite sign this week (at the Vandy/Auburn game): Tuberville has big ears

We had wayyyy too many penalties today. I'm sure the team got an earful from Saban in the lockeroom. But you are right, we still won! Gotta love that! =)

annieck said...

Leisha, HILARIOUS signs! I forgot about the Terrence Cody one. SO SO funny! One of the B'ham sportscasters that was at the game said that when he was doing his live shot, UGA fans would walk by and scream, "Terrence Cody is Jabba the Hut!" SO funny!

I totally missed the Tuberville sign. Now THAT is hysterical!!! If I had seen it, it very well may have made my favorite sign of the week!!!

Thanks for filling me in on those signs. You brought a huge smile to my face. :)