Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Another Disgusting Incident at the Office

Yeah, so one of our patients headed back to the bathroom tonight, and I heard her talking to Asher. Hearing this, I asked her, "Is Asher in there?"
"Yeah, and he's all wet."
So at this point, I am about to tell her that he spilled some water on himself earlier, when she goes on to say, "He's rubbed water in his hair."
I knew it. I just knew it. He was playing in the toilet...again!!!
Sure enough, I got up to walk back there, and he turned the corner, so proud of himself for fixing his hair. He was literally rubbing toilet water in his hair as he was walking towards me. Nice, right? Toilet water from a public toilet. Grrrreaaaaaaat.
What's next? Swimming in a port-a-potty???


Grethel Van Epps said...

gross is right.. ugh!.. I've had heated discussions with my husband about living the bathroom door open because my kids have done it too.. ugh!!

Hillary Dunham said...

That is too funny. Harris's new favorite place to play is the potty. And please don't mention a port-o-potty. Ugh. They kind of make my stomach churn!!