Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday's Random Thoughts

Happy Thursday to you! I'm back for another weekly installment of my random thoughts...just strange and random things that have popped into my head this week. Some are more profound than others. :) So here goes:
So PETA's new thing in their effort to save fish is to start referring to them as "the kittens of the sea". Seriously? I mean, for real? Do you think that's going to keep me from ordering my blackened mahi mahi? Seriously? Ok, people. God gave us dominion over animals. He told us to eat them. He did. It's all in the Bible. It's also in there that killing people is wrong. So why is it that many PETA members (not all, but many) are for pro-choice but think it is WRONG to eat animals? I'll never understand that.

The more I see Barack Obama, the more eager I am to vote for John McCain. I honestly and truly don't understand how any Christian could vote for Obama. I really don't. Not only is he pro-choice, but he has palled (sp?) around with some really sketchy hate-mongers. I just don't understand what people think he brings to the table. I don't get the whole "socialism thing". Why is it ok to take from those who work hard to earn a good living to give to some who don't even pay taxes? I totally don't get it. Check out Pastor Chris's take one the election and how to choose.

I saw an infomercial (I watch t.v. every night right before I go to sleep, so I see lots of infomercials) for a light switch that you stick to your wall and it will control lamps that are close to it. That just seems so strange. I mean, how did someone come up with that? How does it work? Does it work? Why not just click off your lamp?

What is it with kids and hoods? Every time I send Tristan to school with a shirt or jacket that has a hood, he comes out to the car line with his hood on...every time. My friend, Karen, said her kindergarten students love to wear their hoods in class. What is it about a hood that is so appealing?

Channing and I had the pleasure of taking our boys and one of Tristan's bestest buddies to a trunk-or-treat last night. It was SO much fun! Tristan and "T" had fun loading up on candy and playing on the jumping beans and carnival rides. The night would have been absolutely perfect had it not gotten so ccccccccold. OH, and if Asher's costume had fit. We didn't realize that it was too small until we cut off all the tags and tried to put it on. Of course, right?

Last weekend, I made the mistake of grocery shopping on a Saturday...with both my boys. What a nightmare! Can I tell you that pushing one of Publix's giant car carts through a slew of people is NO fun. I made that mistake once, won't make it again. Goin' back to Tuesdays. I like having the aisles all to myself.

I'm pretty weirded out by PDA, even if people are married. I mean, not like holding hands or hugging or stuff like that. I just think that there are some things that should be left to your house, in your room. That goes for "S" talk too. I don't want to hear about it. I really don't. Maybe I'm a minority in this, but some things just weird me out. Maybe I'm funny that way?

I am SO excited for our good friends, Jon and Karen, who just found out they're having a little girl!!! YEA!!! Congrats, guys! We love ya'll and can't wait to meet that sweet precious baby.

I thought I had my friend, Holly's, Christmas gift all picked out. Now I'm back to the drawing board. Who knew she had such an aversion to scrunchies?

Will Auburn lose again this weekend? Will Ole Miss have some fans carrying a casket for ol' Tubby? We'll know on Saturday, I guess. Go Rebels! Oh, Tubbs, Auburn is not burnt orange. Just wanted to point that out so that you could make the right choice when it comes to your coat for this weekend.

What is it about a college football game that brings out the most insane outfit choices? I guarantee you, if you go to a college football game, you will see outfits that no normal person would ever, ever choose to wear. What is about a football game that brings out that wild reckless abandon? I don't get it. Or as my b-i-l says, what is it about a football game that brings out the need to wear jean shorts???

You know what? I get it. I get that teenagers want candy too. Thing is, if you're a teenager, of if your child is a teenager, you/they are TOO old to trick-or-treat. Seriously. There should be some kind of age limit. I haven't bought candy for trick-or-treaters in the past five years because we've spent our Halloweens at fall festivals with Tristan, but the last year that I did buy it (when I was pregnant with Tristan), we had SO many teenage trick-or-treaters. With every new set of teenagers, I would get more and more frustrated. Here I'm trying to buy the good candy (not the gross generic Smarties or the yucky mystery candy wrapped in orange and black wrappers) for the sweet little princesses and super heroes, and I've got tons of 17 year old zombies showing up at my door? No way! Go to the store, and buy your own candy. Seriously! Or do what they did in the old days, and snatch a little kid's bag of candy.
Kidding. DON'T DO THAT! :)

That's all I got. Any random thoughts to share? If so, don't be shy! Leave them in my comments section, or better yet, make your own list and link us back. Happy Thursday!


dev said...

"I honestly and truly don't understand how any Christian could vote for Obama."

I agree! I have a hard time some of my Christian friends that are Democrats. They always re-state that they are pro-life, but that they agree with Obama on all the other issues, so he's getting their votes. I don't get that at all.

Abortion is legalized murder of the innocent. End of story. How can that be supported in any way? I'm afraid that they will reap the reward of their silence on the issue, and it won't be a reward anyone will want.

I hope that made sense!

Rachael said...

I am with you on the Obama comment. Obama disgusts me more and more the closer this election gets.

Glad you clarified the informercial thing...I was beginning to think that you get up at 2am just to watch infomercials. LOL! Just kidding. :)

LeAnne said... it thursday already??

kittens of the sea?? what is with these people?? call it what you want people but fish are YUMMY!!

The Hairston's said...

Your random thoughts Thursdays kindof remind me of the SNL weekend updates. I love it!

I'm not a seafood eater but "kittens of the sea?!!" Really????!!! Come on, people!

Seeing Obama just makes me cringe. Not a fan....AT ALL!

Sam and Eli are really into hoods right now. I don't get it either. I put one over Eli's pajamas yesterday when we took Sam to school because it was cold outside. He wanted to keep it on all day, with the hood up! So, he wore his pajama shirt with a hoodie the entire day. It's the simple things that makes them happy!

I can't wait to see the pics from the fall festival! I bet T, T & A looked adorable!

You should shop at the Pelham Publix sometime. I went in there this morning and was like 1 of the 3 customers they had in the store. Many of the employees were coming up to me asking me if I needed help with anything. I guess they were just bored but I got all paranoid.

PDA - Totally against it! What's even worse (for me anyway) is if you see an older couple all over each other. I was walking out of WalMart one day and saw this 80 something year old couple all huggy on each other. A little part of me was like "How sweet! I hope Jay and I can still be that happy and in love 50 years from now" but another part of me thought I was seeing a Viagra commercial in progress.

Totally with ya on the teenagers trick-or-treating. There really should be an age limit. If you can drive to the store to buy your own are TOO OLD!


annieck said...

Leisha, you totally made my day! You had me cracking up! Your comment "another part of me thought I was seeing a Viagra commercial in progress"...HILARIOUS!
And "if you can drive to the store to buy your own candy"...LOVE IT!
You should totally post your random thoughts. I know they would be hysterical!
Thanks for brightening my day with you quips. :)

Brandy said...

I love reading your blog! Thursday's are my favorites-you have some great random thoughts! I will try to get a randomn post in soon!

Shasta said...

I'm right there with you on not understanding how people can vote for Obama. Most of my family and friends are voting like me, but the few that say they're voting for Obama, I'm just still not understanding it at all.

What really bugs me is when teenagers go trick or treating and AREN'T even dressed up, I saw quite a few last night. One boy painted an X on each cheek, whoo, what a costume!

I love your random Thursdays, btw.

holly said...

Scrunchies...GAG! Tubbs...GAG! Obama...GAG! Teenage trick-or-treaters...GAG! Maybe you should buy that coin chocolate candy that everyone is warning me about and give it to the teens...that'll teach 'em!