Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday's Random Thoughts

Good day! Welcome to this week's addition of my random thoughts, just completely strange and random things that have popped into my head this week.Here goes:

Ok, so you remember how I posted about the adult woman wearing a NKOTB (that's New Kids on the Block for those of you who are totally out of the loop) t-shirt at Disney World, right? Well, this week when I was driving to pick up Tristan from school, guess what I heard on the radio?! "Oh oh oh oh oh...oh oh oh oh...oh oh oh oh oh...the right stuff!" Yep, on the RADIO, people! Then guess what I saw on a tv commercial?! Tickets are currently on sale for a concert taking place in my city at the end of May! Is that crazy or what?! It's the NKOTB...the first concert I ever went the fifth grade. 19 years later, this group still refers to themselves as "new kids". WHOA! I'm sorry, but all of this just seems weird. So I ask you, would YOU go see the NKOTB? Be honest...

So I went to my doctor's visit yesterday, and he told me he had "good news and bad news". He asked which I wanted to hear first. I told him I didn't really care...just whatever. So he gave me the "bad news" first. The "bad news" is that we have a really big baby growing in my tummy. Oh really, doc?! I had no idea! I mean, NO ONE EVER tells me how big my belly is, so there is NO way I ever would have figured that out. ;) Yeah, so I answer him with something similar to that, but more along the lines of, "Yeah, I know. People tell me how big my belly is all the time." At which point, he goes on and on about the horrible things that women say to other women and the root of their hurtful words. I never did get the good news. Oh well.

Guess how much weight I've gained? 10 pounds? Nope. 15, 20? Not even close. I have gained a whopping 33 pounds since becoming pregnant. And guess what? I still have 9 1/2 weeks until my due date. Forget that I've been working out and laying off the ice cream (most of the time). Forget that I ate LARGE frosties at least five times a week when I was pregnant with Asher. I am just destined to gain lots of weight when pregnant. Oh what a joy!

One more thing to point out from my doc visit... My doc took a look at Asher and immediately told Channing, "He looks like your brother." Yep, folks. My first child looks exactly like his daddy, and his brother, my little baby, looks like his uncle. What is up with that?! I carry these BIG babies for nine months, I birth them (Tristan, sans drugs), and they look absolutely nothing like me. Oh, the irony.

Everyone keeps complaining about the new Facebook. I mean, people really despise it. I actually like it. I don't see what the big deal is. One thing I really like about it is that I can control the amount of updates I get from people. I mean seriously...some people's day seems to revolve around updating their facebook status. I don't get it. For those people, I have simply lowered the amount of info I get from them. There may be people out there who need to know that their facebook friends are eating a slice of lemon, going to the bathroom, or paying a bill, but I'm not one of those. I like facebook updates, I just don't need a play by play of EVERY thing going on in my friends' lives.

Speaking of facebook updates, be on the lookout for a new Friday blog idea I'm about to get started on. It's going to be called "Facebook Fridays". On Fridays, I am going to take my favorite facebook update (that could come from any one of my facebook friends) from the previous seven days and post it on my blog. It may be singled out because it's really funny, because it's really clever, because it's totally pointless, it's totally random, or because it's info that no one wants to know. In any case, be on the lookout for my new Facebook Fridays. It will be up to you to decide why I chose it. I won't share why it was chosen. :)

Is it just me, or is all this basketball coach swapping and hiring crazy business? I mean, how much are they going to pay these guys?! $3 million to coach basketball?! Seriously?!!! I just don't get it. We're in a recession here, people, and basketball coaches are getting offers for $3 mil? That just blows my mind.

After church on Sunday, Channing, Asher, and I were witness to a very new (to us) and unique evangelizing tool that some are using in our area. Let me set up the scene for you: So we went to Taco Bell to pick up lunch (yeah, we're always complete health nuts ;)). We were waiting in the drive thru (in a long line, might I add), when all of a sudden, we hear tires squealing and a white mini van roaring into a parking space (Ok, the fact that it was a mini-van made it extra hilarious). We both kind of laughed, and I remarked that this woman must really need her soft taco. Next thing we know, out jumps a woman, IN HER CHURCH clothes, and her approximately nine year old daughter, ALSO IN HER CHURCH clothes. The woman starts cussing (F bombs, b bombs) and doing really unkind hand gestures to the mini van behind us. I mean, this went on all the way across the parking lot until the woman entered the restaurant. It was CRAZY! Apparently, the woman in line behind us had inadvertantly cut in front of the "evangelizing Christian", and that really brought out the fire in our fine church lady. So that makes me wonder what her pastor preached in church that morning? Hmmm... I was just glad Tristan wasn't with us to witness this new and unique evangelizing technique. I don't know if he's quite ready for that yet.

Ok, so you know how I can get easily distracted, right? Well at church last Sunday, I was distracted again (I know, I know. I'm not proud of it). Thing is, there was this couple two rows up, and the wife was holding her baby and had her arm around her husband's back. Her hand fell right on his hiney, and as he would sway to the music, her hand would rub back and forth across his hiney. Ok, admit it! THAT is distracting. You know it is. I cannot be the only person who would be distracted by a woman rubbing her hubby's hiney during worship at church. Right???

Okey dokey. That's all I've got for this week. If you have any crazy random thoughts, please share. They make my day!


The Greenfields said...

what can i say? absolutely hysterical as always! oh i wish you and i could be pregnant at the same time- but i gotta say 33 lbs and all- you look fabulous in all the pics i have seen!! you are too cute!

Rachael said...

HA HA HA!!! So funny! When it was time for the prayer on Sunday Edward leaned over to me and said, "you wanna make out now"...that was all thanks to your random thoughts!

About the new evangelizing tool...I just can't stand stuff like that. I was a Wal-mart on Sunday a while back and this woman in her nice church clothes was using an ad from YEARS ago...SERIOUSLY...she was ad matching with an ad from like 2006! So sad!

Jeremy and Michelle said...

Well, I think this dr's visit was just confirmation that you have no control over how much weight you do or don't gain so I say, for these last 9+ weeks bring on the frosties and blizzards - enjoy it! :)
I loved NKOTB for about 2 years; saw them in concert; wouldn't pay much to see them now, but would totally go see them with a group of friends if the tickets were less than $10!
I love that ya'll ate at Taco Bell - that's pretty hysterical - of all the fast food places! When I was pregnant with James I craved Captain D's - which I NEVER eat - Jeremy would never indulge me - which is good because it wouldn't have been as good as I was hoping for! Hope your Taco Bell feast hit the spot! :)

The Hairston's said...

Was Rachael rubbing on Edwards backside in church again?! kidding, of course!
I'm totally with ya on the facebook status updates. Some people LIVE for those! I have one friend who just says....I'm working.....I just got a paper cut.....I'm going to eat dinner. OK! We get it! It's surprising that she doesn't update it every time she needs to go to the bathroom. ;)
I'm looking forward to your Facebook Fridays!

Miss you!

shlane said...

NKOTB - should I admit that I had their Christmas album?

Church - I've heard of people making out in the nosebleeds. Seriously, just go out to the parking lot if you can't control it.

I rarely hear that one of my 4 kids looks like me.

Rachael said...

Leisha how did you guess it was us??? LOL! JUST KIDDING!!!

I forgot to say that I would totally go see NKOTB again if it was FREE! I was OBSESSED with them for a while and even have a funny story to go with that...I will save that for another day. :)

The Hairston's said...

ha! I was also a big NKOTB fan! I had a orange NKOTB lunch box in 5th grade that I was quite proud of =)

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

LOL at the hiney rubbing. That does not belong in WORSHIP!! HELLO??
And I would NOT got to a NKOTB concert- although, these girls that Jason work with went and kept talking about how wonderful it was...
And I love the evangelizing story. Nice. Klassy- and that's with a K.
I TOTALLY LOVE your facebook friday idea!!

LeAnne said...

NKOTB...I would go...if it was really cheap or totally free!! i have to think it would be pretty entertaining...or just really funny! I was pretty over the top about them for a while and I was pretty sure that i was gonna marry Jordan!hahaha
if we went to the same church, i would be pretty certain that i know couple of which you speak (with the hiney rubbing)...we have one of THOSE couples at our church:)

~k said...

ok. So I like going to our contemporary services. Really like it. I've always wondered what the big deal is for those who can't stand the thought of something untraditional. MAYBE this hiney rubbing and the teeny boppers are what those folks are worried about?

Hilarious post Annie!!!

nick, robyn and taylor said...

Funny stuff, as always. As for the hiney rubbing, did she not know what she was doing??!!! I would have been totally distracted - I don't even like it when people rub each others backs/shoulders in church...makes me uncomfortable.

Anonymous said...

That Asher is so handsome....I've always thought he should on the cover of some baby magazine...I mean...for him to look like his uncle....that guy must be a HUNK. Imagine what Asher will look like in college....WOW!!!!!!!! HOTTY!!!!


AngelGirl said...

you are so funny!!!
NKOTB- would pay a nickel to see them. i, personally, would like to hear the story that goes with rachaels NKOTB story.

church- people are so terrible! i mean AT LEAST change OUT of your churches clothes BEFORE you bless some random stranger out- like i do!! (j/k)

kids- hopefully Rhiannon will be just as beautiful as her mom!! 1 our of 3 wouldn'e be so bad!! haha