Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday's Random Thoughts

Helloooooooo Thursday! Is it really Thursday already?! Seriously, the weeks are flying by! It must be because I have so much I need to get done before this baby gets here, and I feel like I can't catch up. Anywhoo...welcome back to another installment of my week's random thoughts. Here goes:Ok, it's totally unavoidable. I hate to even mention it, but I feel like I must...the swine flu. Yes, I know *groan*. I am SO over hearing about the swine flu. I can't watch or listen to anything (even sports radio, people!) without hearing about this "potential pandemic". People are stocking up on hand sanitizer and locking their families up in their homes. No one is leaving their homes. I'm beginning to wonder when people are going to start boarding up their windows. Our VP is trying to keep people from flying...anywhere! Is this mass-fear really necessary? Really?! I mean, I'm seriously wondering.

I've been reading Hershel Walker's book, "Breaking Free". It's really really interesting. Channing's dad has it, and when we were at the lake last weekend, I started reading it (you know I was desperate for reading material because I don't like to inflate their egos over Hershel Walker anymore than I have to ;)). He has a really interesting life story. That man worked incredibly hard to be the success that he was and is. He proves that hard work and determination help you acquire your goals. Sitting around and waiting for something good to happen is never a good plan. I must say, through reading his book, I have become a big fan. Don't tell my hubby and his family! ;)

Speaking of Georgia football, a couple of nights ago, guess who I saw on TMZ (yes, I occasionally turn it on before I go to sleep)? Matthew Stafford! How weird is that?! Seeing Matthew Stafford on TMZ is so strange. I mean, he was just playing UGA football, and now he's on TMZ?! That is going to take some getting used to. Oh, and for the record, they were kind of making fun of him. He and four other guys were trying to share a cab in NYC, and the cabbie refused to drive them anywhere. In other words, they were being cheap. Some of the TMZ staff got a big kick out of that because Matt just got a HUGE salary for signing with Detroit.

Ok, where have I been?! Do you guys realize what is back in style?! Have you any idea??? Let me give you a hint. Dylan McKay wore one back in the day: YES! These Mexican pullovers (I'm sorry. I can't remember what they're called). I'm NOT kidding. I saw them in Old Navy in the little boys section. I almost fell out in the floor. Really?! And I must admit, I kind of want my boys to have one. Am I crazy?! Will you make fun of me? Will my boys be hot (they're long-sleeved in the store)? Much to consider...

Ok, when did 5 year old t-ball become the major leagues?! I thought 4 year old t-ball got a little intense during playoffs. 5 year old is a whole new ballgame (pun intended). Parents and coaches go ballistic. It hasn't happened on our team, but during one of the other 5 year old games, a couple of coaches got quite rowdy and were apparently yelling in ref's faces and at others too. CRAZINESS! I mean, they're FIVE, PEOPLE! There are no major league scouts checking out our boys. Our boys don't get particularly upset if they get out. It's a game...a kid's game. This should be the time when they're learning to play lots of positions and learning about sportsmanship. We are fortunate that we have a great coach. He may not always agree with the ref's calls, but he is a great leader and example. He is respectful of the refs, kids, and parents. Channing and I appreciate him.

Last night, I was doing my normal ritual of flipping channels before I went to sleep, and guess what was on??? Give up? "The Birds". That's right, "The Birds". The old Alford Hitchcock movie. I think that movie the reason I am scared of birds today. I should have turned it off. It was SO late, but I couldn't. I had to watch. The movie is SO cheesy and unrealistic. I mean, did people really talk like that back then? The actors were so dramatic, and the movie makes no sense. How could it have scared me so much back in the day? The ending? They just drive off to the hospital. That's it. They have all these birds everywhere, and they just walk to the car and drive off. Definitely a classic.

Speaking of "The Birds", what animal, insect, reptile, etc. has not been used to make some cheesy scary movie? Let's make a list...there are movies with ants, spiders, snakes, bats, birds, bees, dogs...what am I missing here? What is left to be done? Kittens? Oh yeah. That would be a good one...killer kittens. I can see the previews now. :)

Thanks to those of you who gave me suggestions on books to read. I can't wait to get started! I want to finish the Hershel Walker book (I left it at the lake), and another friend let me borrow a book that I need to get started on. I'm eager to check out the other books, though. SO THANKS!

That's all I've got for today. What about you? Any random thoughts to share??? I know you've got them. Leave them for me. They make a big fat pregnant woman feel good. :)


Rachael said...

First things first...your boys will look completely adorable in ANYTHING you dress them in, but they may get a little hot in the pullover. :)

I actually saw that TMZ episode the other night. Now you know I had NO idea who the guys I do! :)

Thanks for reminding me about your fear of birds. I can't help but remember when you had the bird living outside your house and Edward would always make fun of you...remember? You didn't even want to check the mail. HA HA HA!!!

~k said...
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~k said...

I think we called them Bajas(sp). Wish I still had mine! I think it came from American Eagle!

My dad AND my coach got thrown out of my softball game when I was 8! Supposedly for yelling about the other coach cheating!

And didn't Pet Sematary have a possessed kitten?

Great Post as always!

ATinkLife said...

Annie, I know this doesn't exactly fit into the category of animals in scary movies, but I just couldn't help but mention The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. We actually watched it about six months ago when it was on Tv for laughs. Corny, it was.

shlane said...

I thought the pullovers were ponchos. Thats what we called them in CA, but I could be wrong.

holly said...

ok, I couldn't even finish reading your post. To disturbed about Dylan wearing it...yes, kelley's right (pronounced BAHA). NO, they are not back in style unless you work at a gas station or ride a motorcycle. I must admit, I loved mine back in the day, but not cool. PLEASE don't do that to your boys. I'll just die! By the way, good seeing you and the fam yesterday. YOU LOOK GREAT!