Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday's Random Thoughts

Happy Thursday! If you've been by before, you already know the drill. I'm going to share some of the random things that have popped into my head this week. There is no rhyme or reason to my thoughts. They just are what they are. So, here goes:Do you ever look back at old pictures of yourself and wonder what happened to a particular outfit you had on? I do it all the time. Seriously, what happened to some of my clothes? I don't remember getting rid of them, yet they're gone, totally vanished. I know some stuff goes out of style, and I get rid of it, but some stuff is totally neutral...and gone. A total mystery.

In college, I once lived with three girls I didn't know very well, and I would have stuff go missing all the time. Not only would brand new, never-worn clothes go missing, but other random stuff like brand new towels my grandmother gave me, jewelry, shoes...SO weird! Who does that? Who just takes someone's stuff...someone they live with...and NEVER gives it back? The towels really floored me. I mean, towels?! Seriously?! Yeah, we lived together one year. That's all I (and my finances) could take. It was a rough year!

Does anyone else feel a bit sorry for Miss California? I feel terrible for her. She was asked a question, answered it honestly and from her heart (with no offense intended, or so it seemed), and has been treated like some kind of leper. It's CRAZY! I am so tired of Hollywood. I really am. Their politics, crazy ideas, and hypocrisy are more than I can handle. They would have Miss California banished from America for stating that she believes marriage should be between a man and a woman, but when President Obama says it, it's totally ok. I mean, he is PRESIDENT Obama...the greatest man to ever walk the face of the earth, the man who can do no wrong. Does anyone else see the irony here???

Ok, so this just really happened. I'm sitting at the office, clearly not working because I'm typing up my random thoughts, when I hear one of the doors to our office (we have two, side by side. One stays locked and the other unlocked) rattle, obviously the locked one because it didn't open. So I wait a minute for the other to open. It never does. I stand up and look over my desk, and there's a very confused looking woman standing outside the door trying to read our hours. The lady NEVER TRIES TO OPEN THE OTHER DOOR. To make matters worse, she's a new patient, who I just got off the phone with...literally two minutes ago! Seriously?! I mean, come on. How many businesses have you been to where one door stays locked and one open? I had to wave the woman in, with much coaxing. I'm sorry, but my patience level for this kind of thing isn't very high this morning.

Hylands All Natural Teething Tablets totally rock! I've been a big fan all of Asher's life (I didn't have much luck with them with Tristan). They have always proved successful with my sweet Ash. Let me back up. Two nights ago, I wake up at 2:30 am to Asher's loud cries (this was very traumatic because it was literally the first night I had slept past 1 am in FOREVER. Why?! Why was he crying?! He is such a great sleeper!!!). I woke up Channing because I was worried, and with my ginormous stomach, it takes me a good minute and half to get up, out of bed, and going. He went up to check on him. After 5-10 minutes, he came back downstairs and said that Asher had been tugging on one of his ears. A few minutes later, the cries started again. This time, I went upstairs. What I found was SO sad. It was clear that he was in pain. He was tossing and turning and kept grabbing his right ear. I was SO upset. I immediately assumed he had an ear infection and was incredibly upset about it. I mean, my boys have NEVER had ear infections EVER. How could he possibly have one?! He's been adjusted since the day he was born. I had just given two friends advice about getting their babies with ear infections adjusted, and now my baby had an ear infection?! How could this be??? Really, I was upset and so worried about him. After a very long night, and more worrying the next morning, it hit me. Could he possibly be teething? The symptoms were there...runny nose, awful diapers, the ear tugging. I checked inside his mouth, and sure enough, the poor baby is getting his two year molars! Poor baby! He was in so much pain because of his new gigantic teeth. Last night, I made sure to stock up on Hyland's Teething Tablets, and we had a much better night. He took them before bedtime and had no problem sleeping. Praise the Lord!

Smoking really bothers me...a lot. I don't know why it bothers me so much. It's a personal decision that people have to make for themselves and their own health, but it really bothers me to see people smoking. Whenever I see someone with a tiny window crack in their car windows while driving down the road smoking, I just get agitated. Don't they know what they're doing to themselves?! And then the people who smoke on their kids...that totally gets under my skin. Or how about the people who smoke at gas tanks?! Ok, I'm making myself upset just typing about it. I'll stop now.

Rachel G, if you're reading this and HAVE NOT watched American Idol, skip this comment...consider this your warning. :) La la la la la la la la la la la la (this is me giving you some room between your warning and my spoiler)... So Anoop and Lil got voted off last night. No surprises there. I mean, both had great voices but didn't really stand out. I mean, I look at things this way when I judge AI (because I have SO much expertise ;))...would anyone actually buy this person's album? Would you actually buy Anoop's album? Or how about Danny Gokey? He has a great voice and seems like such a likable person. He reminds me a lot of Taylor Hicks. But like Taylor Hicks, I have to wonder, would anyone actually buy his album? If I'm being totally honest, I would have to admit that I'm pretty sure I wouldn't buy it. Right now, I think Kris, Allison, and Adam have the greatest potential to make it in the industry. Of course, Kris is my fav. :)

I have approximately six weeks left in this pregnancy (give or take). It seems like an eternity, yet it also seems like it's right around the corner. As far as comfort goes, I am ready for that little girl to be on the outside. She's a bit heavy these days in my belly, and finding comfortable clothes that fit is becoming quite the challenge. I don't want to buy anything new because I'm so close to delivering, but nothing fits. A true dilemma. I'm also in the stage where it takes an act of congress to roll over in bed at night. However, I am nervous about her arrival. I'm nervous about having three little ones to take care of. How will I manage? Will I? Will I be sane? Don't get me wrong, I am SO excited to meet Rhiannon, I'm just nervous about what the future holds.

It's spring!!! Finally, warm weather!!! I am so excited about the warm weather that the next few days is promising to provide. YEA for sunny skies and warm temps!!!

I am addicted to ice, and it's a problem, a major problem. I can't stop chomping it, and it's a terrible, horrible problem. It is awful for my teeth, and I know it, but I can't seem to stop. This has just become a major problem during this pregnancy. It's gotten so bad the past week that my teeth are sore, really sore. My dentist is going to love me next time I go in.

I got the sweet facebook message from a girl I know from church the other day. She went on and on about how great I look for someone who is days away from giving birth. Yeah, I had to go on and let her know I still had seven weeks. Kind of takes that big compliment away. It was a sweet gesture, though.

That's all I've got for this week. How about you? Any random thoughts to share? I know you've got them. Don't hoard them. Share the love!


Nathan and Rachel Greenfield said...

thanks for trying to spare me but it's IMPOSSIBLE to NOT find out, especially with Facebook. So... anyway, i know :). I might go on a media fast for the finale so I'm actually surprised :) :)
glad you figured out what was wrong with asher. poor little guy!!
6 weeks until your due date! wooohooo!!!

~k said...

I bought Taylor Hicks' album (but that's my kind of music).
Adam is my fave talent wise but Danny is my favorite person. I like Allison too.

Are you anemic? Craving ice is a sign of anemia.

annieck said...

Kelli, I'm glad you bought Taylor's album. He seems like such nice guy. :)
As for the anemia, I just mentioned that to Channing yesterday. My doc hasn't said anything, but with the ice cravings and feeling TOTALLY wiped out ALL THE TIME, I kind of suspect that too. I'm going to get back on my organic iron supplements today. Thanks for pointing that out!

shlane said...

Annie - I noticed you are taking suggestions for a book to read. Have you read Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers?

annieck said...

I have not. Is it a good one?

Anonymous said...

OK...peeing in my pants over the locked door lady!! Oh man, that tops my list of fav random thoughts!!
As far as missing clothes...that happens to me all the time! Seriously! Then, my husband kindly reminds me that about 4 times a year, I have temporary moments of insanity and put at least 1/4 of my wardrobe in a garbage bag & bring it to Goodwill!! I's crazy!! But, I really do it! Perfectly good clothes that I just decide that I hate at the moment and give them away!! Maybe you should set up cameras in your closet to make sure you're not doing the same thing in your sleep or something!! Pregnancy can do some crazy things to a person! ;)

Jeremy and Michelle said...

I love reading the comments as much as the actual random thoughts. Let me put my two cents in and say Redeeming Love is the Best!! The cover makes it look like a cheezy romance novel but it's totally not - totally changes your perspective on His love for us and our "need" to constantly, needlessly try to deserve it.

Nathan and Rachel Greenfield said...

redeeming love is great! if you can find the time to read it- go for it!

Jeremy and Michelle said...

have you read any of Jane Evanovich's books? They are not christian at all but they are an easy, light read that reminds me of Friends or Seinfeld. She has a series that starts with One for the Money that has a main character that is a lingerie buyer from New Jersey that turns into a Bounty Hunter to make ends meet after losing her job and it goes from there following her adventures. Definitely will not involve heavy thinking but will make you laugh out loud at parts.