Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thursday's Random Thoughts

Good day! It's Thursday again, which means it's time again for my random thoughts. Sooooo here goes:
Ashton Kutcher is trying to get a million followers on Twitter. He has committed to ding-dong ditching (or whatever it's called) Ted Turner's house in Atlanta if he gets more followers than CNN. What?! Ok, first off, Ted Turner doesn't really have much to do with CNN. Secondly, he's hardly ever in Atlanta anymore. Thirdly, seriously?! Ashton, is it really that important to have Twitter followers? I'm sorry, but Twitter just plain gets on my nerves. There, I said it. I know it doesn't make me popular. It's all the craze these days. It just seems kind of self-absorbed, especially when you're on some quest to get a million people to read that you just went to the bathroom, just filed your nails, and are on your way to the drug store. Who cares? I have a hard enough time keeping up with what my family and I are trying to accomplish without following every move Ashton Kutcher makes. That's probably just me, though. :) (Sorry to my Twitter friends. I'm sure I just don't get it. :):):):))

I've seen the reports on Dateline and 20/20, and today I saw it in the paper. They're making a massive comeback. A comeback so huge, there is a summit that is going to go down to discuss how to handle the problem. Curious? BEDBUGS, people!!! Bedbugs are making a HUGE comeback. They're in motels, hotels (even the posh), beds and couches near you. I don't know about you, but that kind of freaks me out a bit. I mean, I love a nice stay at a hotel. I don't want to be worried about blood-sucking bed bugs while I'm trying to enjoy my nice stay away from home. I hope this special summit figures out an answer to this dilemma.

What do you think of American Idol and their four judges? Specifically, I am referring to the four judge system. I don't like it. I much prefer three judges. Four takes WAY too much time, and what they did this week was so disappointing. They only let two judges talk. Listen, I want to know what Simon thinks every time, not every other time. AI, the new judge, Kara, right?, seems really nice and all, but I think three is the charm. Go back to what works.

Speaking of American Idol, Jennifer Hudson sounded amazing last night. She is so beautiful and has such a beautiful voice. However, I think she may need a new stylist. That was quite the interesting outfit she had on last night. Was she wearing leather tights under a dress? I couldn't quite figure it out. And
please tell me someone noticed Randy Jackson's necklace and bracelets. PLEASE! Where in the world did he find his jewelry?! That is the stuff we used to wear back in middle school, I think. I haven't seen that kind of beaded stuff in YEARS! I used to rock that jewelry back in the day and was just wondering if I should be on the lookout for it. Miley Cyrus...I don't get her voice. I have a feeling that if she were in the competition, last night would have been her swan song. I know, this must sound terrible, but I just think her voice is very average. Her success has gotta be totally based on being Hannah Montana and not a spectacular voice. Right? I mean, am I the only one who thinks this? She sure looked pretty last night, though. Well, until she started head-banging in her evening gown. Ok, even Channing laughed at her stage antics.

One last thing about AI, I am SO thrilled that they saved Matt G. I really like him. He seems to have such a kind heart. Good choice, judges!!!

Why do cranberry sauce cans open upside down? Does anyone know the reason for this? Makes no sense to me, but surely they have a reason. I would love to know what it is.

Publix and Chick-fil-A...two of my very favorite places. They both have stellar customer service. My favorite tag line from CFA, "It's my pleasure." LOVE it! I know I bring these two establishments up frequently, but I really love them...I really do.

So the countdown is on, and I am preparing for baby Rhiannon's arrival in June. One thing I've discovered during this pregnancy is that there is SO MUCH NEW STUFF to get. It's amazing. I just had a baby two years ago, yet there are so many new must haves out there. The "new to me" items I've got on my list or have purchased: Peanut Shell baby sling...CHECK! Bebe Au Lait nursing cover...CHECK! Miracle Blanket...CHECK! Milkies milk saver...on the list. Belly Bandit...on the list. Infant car seat...on the list (of course, we had one of those, but we need to get a new one). Bouncy seat...on the list (we have two, but both are worn out from much use. We plan to get a new girly one...that works. My boys LOVED their bouncy seats, so we can't do without that.) What am I missing? Do you know some new must-have that I've neglected? I have to have my bases covered, you know.

How bad will this economy get? I've had friends lose their jobs, patients too. The world is in such a financial mess. Then all the spending. What is with all the spending?! Lord, have mercy on us. I trust in You.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again..."Lost" is SO great this season! I am lovin' each and every episode. What will I do when it actually comes to an end? It is the one show I have to watch.

I have a great husband who I am super thankful for. The past several months, I've been extra thankful for him. Can I tell is FANTASTIC to have a live-in chiropractor when you're pregnant?! Seriously. I mean, aside from the fact that chiropractic is so great for my immune system and for Rhiannon's growth and development, it really comes in handy with the shifting bones and aches and pains that come with a growing (in my case HUGE growing) belly. I honestly don't know how anyone makes it through pregnancy without a good chiropractor. I am so thankful for mine. He's the best...even if he is my hubby.

My baby, my sweet sweet Asher, is turning two on Sunday. How is that possible?! It seems like he was just born. I just wish I could freeze time. He is growing much too quickly. He is at such a fun age, and every day brings new surprises from him. I sure do love that little man!

Ok, folks. That's all I've got this week. How about you? Any random thoughts to share? If so, don't be shy. Leave them in the comments section. I know I'm not the only one who would love to read them. :)


Natalie said...

I heard about the bedbugs on the news, too. I was grossed out for a good 12 hours. Don't we have enough to worry about with germs when we travel...medieval insects, too?

Brandi said...

Do you remember that cranberry sauce use to open at both ends? You would open both ends and then just push from one end out onto the plate. Now you have to use the butter knife and work it out. It was so much easier the other way. It's funny that I even care because I don't like cranberry sauce but somehow I'm always opening it on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Nathan and Rachel Greenfield said...

we got bed bugs at a lodge on the beach here in jordan and brought them home with us. it was so horribly disgusting and a pain to get rid of. i was totally grossed out

so american idol comes on here thur and fri night and i am totally addicted. the bummer is, i always find out who gets kicked off before i am able to see it myself. so this week i was so careful not to check cnn or anything so that i wouldn't find out and BOOM- there it is on your blog :) :) :) ha!!! glad to know they finally used their save.

i was annoyed that simon couldn't speak every time also but if we are going to go back to 3 judges, PLEASE keep cara and bid paula farewell- she is AWFUL. she is so random and rarely makes sense! Cara at least seems like she knows what she is talking about.

great random thoughts as always! i am looking up this milkies thing to see what in the world it is. sounds interesting.

Anonymous said...

I watch Idol to see Simon's comments so I was really mad about the system this week too. Please kick off doped up Paula. That is so embarassing to even watch her when she seems messed up. I said the same thing about Miley Cyrus. She does not have a great voice at all (not that I can even carry a tune) but tween's love her. What was up with her crazy hair??? Too sexy for my tween- I PRAY.

The Hairston's said...

Happy Birthday to sweet Asher!! It doesn't seem right that his is already turning 2!

Sadly, I haven't been able to keep up with AI this season. I have heard that it has been one of the best seasons yet.

I can't wait for Rhiannon's arrival in June! You will LOVE your peanut shell. I still use mine with Luke. I even put him in it sometimes to get some housework done. I think you need to add a Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag ( to your list. I have heard they are a hot item right now =)

Are you going on Tuesday? If so, I will see you then!

Anonymous said...

You probably already have one of these from Asher, but if not, you need to get a Bumbo! They are the greatest inventions ever...just don't leave your baby in them alone on the top of your dresser!! HA! We used ours in restaurants all the time instead of a yucky high chair & for meal time at home until we got a high chair! They're pretty cheap & well worth the money!!

The Hoppers said...

I have a Bebe Au Lait nursing cover. Except I am not that classy and went for the "Hooter Hider". Much funnier to me!!!!

annieck said...

"Hooter Hider" it!
Lindsey, I do have a Bumbo. It was great for Asher. Of course, I love to set him up on top of the fridge whenever he's in it. ;)
Leisha, I've heard of those diaper bags. I'll have to check it out. :)
I AM going on Tuesday. Can't wait!!!