Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday's Random Thoughts

Is it Thursday already?! It's been a quick week. Since it is, indeed, Thursday, it's time for me to share some of the strange things that have crossed my mind this week. There is no rhyme or reason to these thoughts. They just are what they are. Here goes:First off, today is a big day for a few of my friends and loved ones. Today, my super sweet friends, Jon and Karen are having their first baby, sweet Ansley. I am dying to hear that she's here but am trying to wait patiently. I am SO excited for them.

Today is also Tristan's friend, Josiah's fifth birthday. Happy birthday, Josiah! AND Josiah's parents, Rachael and Edward, are finding out today if Josiah will have a little brother or a little sister. I can't wait to hear the news! I think it's a boy but am thrilled either way. SO exciting!

Is it just me or are the new Winn Dixie buggies fabulous?! I am a self-professed Publix snob but do do some shopping at Winn Dixie. It's just so convenient to walk down from work. Anyway, Winn Dixie is giving Publix a run for their money when it comes to grocery transportation. They have three new styles. One is the basic buggy. Another is a small buggy with two basket shelves. SUPER cool! The third is their awesome car buggy. Yes, Publix has a car buggy, but it doesn't compare to Winn Dixie's. Why? Well, I dread pushing the Publix car buggy because it's like pushing a bus. It is HUGE and hard to steer. The WD buggy has two baskets, so it's not long and tough to push or steer. It's da bomb! It's worth the trip to WD just to use their new buggies. Oh, and for all you UGA fans out there, the buggies are red and black; and added bonus for you.

Am I the only one who is tired of hearing about the Octumom? I'm over it.

Ok, so last week I talked about the NKOTB comeback. Well guess who I saw on some random night talk show this week??? Give up? VANILLA ICE! Yes, Vanilla Ice. And guess what he performed on the show? Yep, "Ice Ice Baby". What in the world?! Who's going to be next? Color Me Badd?

A couple of weeks ago at church, I was walking to the nursery and noticed that the girl in front of me was wearing cowboy boots with her dress. The funny thing was, she was walking exactly like someone who had ridden on a horse for 24 hours. She had the whole hobble, bow-legged waddle thing going. As I passed her, I noticed she was pregnant. It was quite the site. I mean, the waddle, the cowboy boots, the was all just a little too much. It brought a smile to my face. :) I think if you're so pregnant that you can't walk without a waddle, you may want to leave the cowboy boots at home. Just a thought.

Who are these people who call or email in to celeb news shows? You know the ones, right? The ones like the guy I heard as I was flipping through the channels last night. This guy emailed or called (can't remember which...I was flipping pretty quickly and was tired) and was going on and on about how Madonna has good intentions for this kid she's trying to adopt from Africa, and what a great person Madonna is, and blah blah blah. I mean, how does this guy know this about Madonna?! When did he become such good friends with her that he can offer that kind of conviction? I think people get WAY too involved in the personal lives of celebrities. I mean, when you start believing you know all about their personalities and convictions, you've gone too far.

Ok, so I saw this on an infomercial this week and thought it was the funniest thing I've seen in a while. Have you seen the Tony Little Cheeks Exercise Sandals? If not, you are missing out. Not only does this sandal look like something your grandmother would wear (awesomeness! who doesn't want to look like their grandma?!), but it also helps exercise and train your calves while improving your overall fitness. It comes with a vinyl drawstring pouch, AND if you order within the next 15 minutes, you get a FREE TOE RING AND VIP CARD! What?! A free TOE RING?! Really?! Where's my phone?! Where's my phone?! Hurry! Hurry! Seriously, check these sandals out. These are a must have for my post-pregnancy weight-loss routine. ;)

This Sunday, we will celebrate the greatest event to have ever taken place. We will celebrate the resurrection of our LORD and Savior, Jesus Christ. I pray that this weekend, you will reflect on what Jesus did on the cross for you and those you love. I pray that you will have a special encounter with Him this weekend. God bless!

That's all I've got for this week, folks. What about you? What random thoughts would you like to share?


The Hairston's said...

As I've told you before...Random Thursdays are the best! I love hearing what is going on in that brain of yours! Always good stuff! As for the Winn Dixie buggies, I'm gonna have to check those out. I haven't been to the 'ole WD in a while. As for Vanilla Ice making a come back, I know my mom will be super excited. For some strange reason, she loved him and still sings his songs, or I guess song (he only had one, right?), to this day any time the word 'ice' is mentioned! A big congrats to Jon & Karen! I can't wait to see pictures of sweet Ansley! Congratulations also to Rachael and Edward! I'm so excited for you guys!!

ATinkLife said...

Thanks for once again making me laugh! I am so with you on the Octomom thing. I read something about her explaining how she paid for all those fertility treatments, like it is any of our business (as long as my tax dollars didn't pay for it). I think the Eagles should try to make a comeback (oh, wait!they did). Anyhoo, our Publix at Lee Branch has the carts with the two baskets and they are rockets or something. Much easier to drive around.

holly said...

oooohhh! cute exercise shoes...gag! they look like crocs sandals!