Thursday, April 9, 2009

Facebook Fridays

Welcome to week two of my new series, "Facebook Fridays".

A little explanation for you if you're new to my FF: Every day as I'm scrolling through Facebook updates, I see all kinds of things. I see hilarious updates, silly updates, pointless updates, annoying updates, gross updates, educational updates. I see people who update their statuses every five minutes (no joke, people). It's just funny. I mean, some people post things on their status updates that I feel sure no one wants to see. Then others post things that crack me up.

The object of "Facebook Fridays" is to highlight some of these updates I see. Each week, I will evaluate the previous seven days of updates, choose one, and share it with you. I will pick one that stands out. It may stand out because it's funny, pointless, annoying, gross, or educational. You will have to figure out which one it is. I won't share why I have chosen the update I have chosen, I will simply give you a Facebook update for the week. Also, I will not share who made the update. I want to protect my friends' privacy, of course. :)

This week's status update:

I wonder what the people at Comfort Suites are thinking about the guy who walked through the breakfast line, knocking over all of the hot food, utensils and plates with his bags before facing them and saying "I may as well go to the office now, there's nothing to eat here!" I wish I hadn't done that. It was my uncool moment for the day.