Friday, April 24, 2009

Facebook Fridays

Welcome back to another edition of Facebook Fridays. For a complete explanation, click on this previous post.

This week's notable Facebook status update:

So WHAT if the baby is 7 months old? Maternity pants just feel awesome.

This week I have two. Here is the second:

...watched his kids go depression era on a rotisserie chicken. They said I was going to throw away the best part as they gnawed on bones and chewed on meaty skin.

One of these updates is chosen by the same person as a previous post. He just consistently makes funny updates. Funny thing is, before I started Facebook Fridays, I got all these pointless updates that drove me crazy. I couldn't wait to share them. Now, they've stopped. I think it's probably because I filtered my updates. I may have to unfilter some, if I can stand it. :)


Nathan and Rachel Greenfield said...

LOVE the maternity pants comment!!!

The Hairston's said...

ha! I'm in agreement with the first status update!

ATinkLife said...

as to the first status update, in the words of the state farm commercials: I am there.
That was so me with my second!

Katie said...

Now that maternity pants comment is AWESOME!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Love it! Maternity pants are the best! Do you remember that episode of Friends where Joey wore them to Thanksgiving and called them his Thanksgiving pants? Ah, yes. We still call them that!

Elyse said...

Ha! I can see some of the maternity pants being pretty awesome. I love Hillary's comment - I LOVE friends and totally remember that episode - Joey was hilarious in that!