Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Daddy's Boy

Asher definitely is. It is amazing to me just how much of a daddy's boy he is. Tristan is and has always been a momma's boy. Don't get me wrong. He loves his daddy; however, I have a special soft spot with him. Asher, on the other hand, goes to daddy for most things...comfort for boo boos, to tattle on injustices brought on by his mommy and brother, and to coax outside.

Yesterday, I was feeding him lunch and he was being incredibly defiant. He wouldn't listen to correction and continued to tug and fight for his way. At that point, I disciplined him. Oh my goodness! Talk about wanting his daddy. He started yelling, "Daddy! DAAAAAAAAAADDEEEEEEEEEEE!" That's usually how it goes. The same happens when he falls down and gets a boo boo. I reach for him, and he reaches for his daddy.
This has been a shock for me. It was always the other way around with Tristan. I just kind of always thought boys would always pick their mommies. What a rude awakening! :)

I'm proud for Channing, though.

Really, I am. I am.

Yep, sure am.



LeAnne said...

oh do i know how you feel...kylee anne takes "daddy's little girl" to a whole new level!!

Leslie said...

josiah-momma's boy
caleb-daddy's boy
maleah-momma's girl
next baby-we'll seeeeee!