Saturday, September 27, 2008


I'm watching ESPN Gameday and wondering if there are any Alabama fans there? Seriously. I haven't seen one! Brandi and Shane are going. They may be representing all our fans. :)

I have to share my favorite Gameday sign:

"Nick, we need gas money!"

HILARIOUS!!! I wish I were that creative!



Brandi said...

ROLL TIDE!!!! We were at the game but did not make it the morning episode of Gameday. You know we had to wait on my aunt and uncle to get to the house to keep HC. There were quite a few Bama fans there but apparently we didn't get much airtime. We loved it though, well the first half and the very end. Shane and I did wonder up on the Gameday set after the game and got to see Coach Saban. It was our first trip to Athens and we loved it! ROLL TIDE!!!!