Tuesday, September 2, 2008


That's right, folks. This past Saturday was a big ACC/SEC match-up. I'm sure you already know who came out on top...the SEC!!! There really is no comparison between the two conferences. The SEC is tough!

Channing and I had the great privilege of attending the Alabama/Clemson game, and it was a BLAST!!! I thought I would share a few pictures from our grand trip.

Here is Channing posing in front of an advertisement for his FAVORITE radio station:

He misses this station and talks about it non-stop. Unfortunately for him, sports radio here in Alabama doesn't do much talking about his beloved Dawgs. On 680 The Fan, it seemed that the bulldogs were all they talked about. Needless to say, I don't miss 680 too much. :) I miss several things about Atlanta, but that's not one of them.

We had great seats. We were sitting in the Clemson end zone on the Club Level. Very nice! We were sitting right on the Clemson/Alabama line, so we were surrounded by fans of both teams. I love that! I like a good mixture. Here's a view of the field from our seats:
Here we are at the beginning...0 to 0. The score didn't stay that way for long!I took a picture of the Chick-fil-A blimp that flew around the dome because, well, because I love Chick-fil-A. AND because they left us coupons for free three piece chicken meals. Can't beat that! Thanks, Chick-fil-A!!!
Here's a shot of some of the fans in our section. As you can see, the Clemson fans are seated. They were that way for most of the game. They just didn't have much to stand up and cheer about. I have to admit, I really felt bad for them and for their team. I hate that there has to be a loser, I really do. I usually feel bad for the underdog. Funny thing is, my team was the major underdog last week. That kind of made it extra sad for the Tigers. They thought this game was a shoo in. SAD!
My men going in for the touchdown! Aren't you SO proud of JPW? He played SO great!As the game neared the end, you can see that the Clemson side was pretty bare:
Check out the Tide side!
Look behind Channing and me. Can you pick out which side is which...Clemson? Alabama?One final shot of the two sides AND of the final score:WAY TO GO, BAMA!!! I was so proud to be able to support such an awesome team. They looked fantastic. I hope they can keep it up throughout the season. Only time will tell.

At every game, you have the drunk that sits in your section...every game. This game was no exception. Seriously people, there were two Alabama fans who were completely lit before the game even got started. Since the game was in the Georgia Dome, alcohol was sold, and these guys bought two beers at a time every time...at $7 A PIECE! It was CRAZY! One of the guys drank and drank and drank. At one point, Channing saw one of the guys (the super drunk one) throw up and then continue drinking. Can you believe that?! By the end of the game, he was almost unable to stand.

I just don't understand that. This guy had fantastic seats. He was attending a game that many wanted tickets to. Yet, I have no idea how he could enjoy (or remember, for that matter) the game because he was so incapacitated. What a waste of a great game...for that guy. As a mother, I wanted to walk over to him and take the drinks out of his hand. I wanted to ask his friend how he could allow him to continue to drink, and I wanted to load him up with water. He needed to stop.

Alas, I did nothing. I watched him shake his shaker in front of his pants (as if it were a body part). I watched him guzzle beer after beer, constantly sway, and I did nothing. I really don't know what I could have done, but I felt really sorry for the guy. Great job, Annie!

Ok, sorry to end on such a depressing note. It was a really really incredible game. I look forward to watching my Tide roll this season!!! It's exciting to be excited about a season again. ROLL TIDE!


Hillary Dunham said...

Well at least we can agree on the SEC domination. And we've had that drunk at many an Auburn game. My dad had some words with one at a game when I was little and I'll never forget it.
Anyway, glad you had a good time.

Anonymous said...

I am impressed that Channing wore a some-what Alabama color. Good sport.

LeAnne said...

Love the pictures...looks like you guys had a blast. Why must there always be "that" guy at every game??? I especially like the picture of the final score ...smile:)

You have gotta love some SEC football...it is THE BEST!! I can't wait to see where this season goes!!

Anonymous said...

What the heck colored shirt is Channing wearing?? I mean...I fully expected him to wear Alabama attire but tell a brotha to at least get the right shade of maroon.

Big Arn....you gotta help him out in those situations!!! :)

Awesome game by the Tide....very impressed!!!

I'm really worried about our game with ya'll now....we are going to be beat up and tired by the time we play AL....no excuses though!!


annieck said...

Yeah, I told him he looked very Mississippi State, but it was the closest he had. He told me he would wear a Georgia shirt if I preferred. :)

I'm sure Georgia will beat us AGAIN this year, but hopefully we'll have a better season than last year. You just never know. Bama is kind of known for having some strong showings and then just not showing up at all. I hope this year, that won't be the case.