Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thursday's Random Thoughts

Time again for another weekly installment of my random thoughts. Aren't you thrilled???

Sarah Palin is awesome. She really is. I admire her courage, determination, and drive. I cannot imagine going through the process that she is going through.

What does Blue Bell do to make their ice cream so delicious? It is the greatest ice cream ever! It really is. Ok, now I'm wanting some. On to the next thought.

Why are some tests so stinkin' hard to pass? Academically, I've faced some tough tests, but they don't compare to some of the spiritual tests I'm currently facing. I'm doing a Bible study right now that is really challenging me. I am asking God to show me areas of weakness, and He definitely is. He doesn't let up!

Will Alabama have a good season, or was last weekend just a one week thing? Can we beat some of the tough SEC teams? Is this the year to finally beat Auburn? I'm afraid to get too excited, but I am so full of hope!

If kids were free, and I didn't have to deal with pregnancy woes, I would have five, six kids. I LOVE big families! Sadly, kids aren't free, and I have to be pregnant to have babies. Guess we won't be having five or six. Probably three (maybe...a BIG maybe) four, but not five or six.

People still get perms. I had no idea. I take that back. I knew senior ladies got perms, I just didn't realize other people still got perms. I realized that when I was at the salon a few weeks ago. I guess I'll start analyzing people's curls from now on. Natural? Permed? Hmmmm....

Speaking of curls, I am often asked if Tristan's hair is naturally curly. I mean, are there people out there who perm their four-year old boys' hair? That seems really strange to me, but I'm asked so often that I have to wonder.


Eve said...

That's hilarious! People actually think that his hair is not naturally curly??? And, by the way, it is precious!
I agree, Blue Bell ice cream is great!

holly said...

Yes she is!
Yes it is!
Hard as heck.
I have been thinking the same thing!
I'd have a housefull too...
Why? Perms smell...never had one
I swear, some people!

The Greenfields said...

hilarious- you are right about tristan- what a random question about a 4 year old. can you imagine responding "actually, we just left the salon where they did a great job on his perm, don't you think?"

i agree about big families and wouldn't it be great if we could avoid the 10months of misery before the little treasures arrive?

and blue bell definitely rocks. boy i am looking forward to some good icecream- the icecream here isn't the greatest!


The Hoppers said...

We love Tebow too! We are huge Gator fans, although last night was a bit tense. First time we have beat Miami since 85!

Sarah @ Fiddledeedee said...

Blue Bell is delicious, isn't it? At first I thought you had bought all of those, which had me thinking that you might be an even bigger Blue Bell fan than I am!