Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Note to My Fellow Bama Fans

You may have already read in one of my previous posts, I listen to a lot of sports radio...well, I did anyway. I can't listen to it much anymore. As an Alabama fan, I welcome Bama news. I love to hear it; however, sports radio in Alabama drowns you in everything Bama. Ok, well not everything, mostly just obnoxious fans with terrible grammar and lots of naysayers. If I turn on Paul Finebaum's show one more time and hear a redneck Bama fan talk about how he has "all the inside scoop about who has been and who has not been practicing", or another fan call in and say, "Booyah" about last week's game, I'm gonna scream.

Now I understand why people who are fans of out of state teams think Bama fans are obnoxious. Many are! That's not to say that other teams don't have their obnoxious fans...they do. I guess it's just easier to notice when you hear so many Bama fans that seem to have never had a day of schooling in their life (though they have) and lack a lot of class. I want to duck in my seat when I hear some of these fans call in.

Bama fans, remember...class. Be proud of the win last weekend, but don't go buying your tickets to Miami just yet. There's a LONG season ahead of us, and we'll face many challenging opponents, namely in the SEC. As one of the reporters in the Birmingham News said this past weekend, SEC opponents won't curl up in a ball and give in the way Clemson did. Most of those teams fight to the end. Please remember that. AND like I said in a previous post, if you're a "Saturday Shopper", don't trash talk at all. If you don't know what a first down is or the name of any player besides Julio Jones or John Parker Wilson, just stay zipped. You'll save the rest of us a lot of grief. Mom, I'm talking to you!

One more thing, it is incredibly embarrassing to me as an Alabama fan, to hear a crowd full of fans chant "overrated" to a strong opponent with a high ranking. Think about it, people. Clemson was ranked #9 in the nation. We were #24. We beat a #9 team. Shouldn't you be thinking:

Hmmm...we're pretty good! Yeah, we're darn good!

You should be thinking that. You should walk with some pride in your stride, not chant "overrated" which basically means my high school could have come in and beaten Clemson. Bama fans did the same thing when we stomped Florida a few years back. I was at that game too. It was just as embarrassing then as it was this past Saturday. Seriously, people. Think about that the next time you want to shout "overrated" at a strong opponent. You are not only belittling them but also your team as well. In my eyes, Clemson was a powerful opponent that we battled and overcame. They were not overrated, we were underrated.

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you about the "booyah" comment. I think a lady called in yesterday and said that. Ugh. Actually, that might have been on the Round Table. Every day I try to give the Finebaum show a chance and end up turning it off within the first couple of callers. Ugh, I get so frustrated. But that is why you will never find me calling in to a sports show b/c I'm fearful of sounding like some of those people.