Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday's Random Thoughts

Good day, all! Time for another weekly installment of my random thoughts. So here goes:

David Blaine completely freaks me out. I mean, he really really does; not because of his whole hanging upside down thing. It's all his other stuff. He gives me the creeps.

What happens to your (my) spelling as you get older? I used to be a fantastic speller. I mean, I wasn't like a national spelling b winner or anything, but I could spell normal words pretty well. These days, I'm struggling. I totally forget how to spell everyday words. What is the deal with that?

This past weekend, on the way to and from the beach, I noticed numerous political bumper stickers stuck on cars. They drive me CRAZY! Why are these people sticking political stickers to their bumpers?! How they going to get them off without scratching up their paint? If you have to have a bumper sticker, people, stick it on your back windshield, not your bumper. I mean, if your candidate loses, you're stuck with a big fat McCain sticker on your bumper (or Obama...I hope it's Obama that loses). Bumper stickers (NOT magnets) drive me crazy. They're too permanent. Please, opt for a magnet. I mean, how must the people who have John Kerry bumper stickers feel today? I think they feel embarrassed. Yep, I do. If they don't feel that way, they probably should. Use a magnet...please...

I have a patient that constantly tells Asher he's going to be a garbage man when he grows up. I find that kind of strange. I know she says it because he always digs in the garbage, but I find it strange all the same. It's not that I have something against garbage men. I mean, I am super thankful that they relieve me of my trash each week. It's just that in our household, college isn't an option. It's a must-go. So if he goes to college and decides to be a garbage man, I guess he won't necessarily be using his higher education. Then I'll have to say to him what my mom always says to me, "You got that teaching degree for nothing. Why did you even go?" Yeah, so I'm probably not going to encourage the whole "garbage man" thing.

Facebook updates kind of crack me up. I mean, people like sneeze and rush over to the computer to update their facebook... "Sally is wondering how I could sneeze so many times." Then two minutes later, "Sally is getting ready to think about leaving the computer." Two minutes later, "Sally is contemplating global warming." Seriously, people are WAY obsessed with Facebook updates.

Speaking of Facebook, I know some people who are ALWAYS on. Every time I pull it up for two seconds, the same people are online. STRANGE. That always makes me think, maybe they're on it as infrequently as I am, and they just happen to be on at the same time, every time, that I am. Maybe they think I am an obsessed Facebooker. Hmmmm...I wonder.

I am so thankful for the relationships God has brought into my life. He really is so faithful. Spending this past weekend at the beach with some of my dearest and oldest friends reminded me of that. Going to college and entering rush, I never realized just how close my pledge sisters would be to me. We can go days, weeks, months without talking, yet we can always pick right up where we left off, just as if we just saw each other. That is a true blessing. Seeing how lives have been changed, what a blessing and gift from God! I love you girls!!!

Why is it that when I think I'm using my best and funniest material, I get the most blank stares? Seriously. I have a knack for sticking my foot not only in my mouth but way down my throat. It's a problem.

The Alabama/Georgia game is TWO DAYS AWAY! I am so nervous. I SO want to win, but if we lose, I'll be ok (DON'T LOSE, THOUGH, BAMA. I'm not giving my permission to lose or anything~I know the team really values my opinion). Thing is, if we lose to Georgia, they HAVE GOT to beat Auburn. Then I'll be totally fine. I mean, I would much rather lose to a #3 team than a #22 team. And I can stomach losing if that means Auburn does too. Sad, but true.

V8 Fusion is some good juice. It really is delish!

Asher has been a screaming mimi this week (don't ask me what it means. I don't know. I've heard it said, though). He has screamed and cried three days straight, mostly in the afternoons. This is day four. I'm hoping and praying that today is better. My patience is wearing thin. THAT'S why four children ages five and under would never work for me. I admire those of you who swing it, though. :)

Today is MiMi's birthday (Channing's mom). I am so proud of Tristan. He remembered. It was among his first words this morning, "Mommy, today's Thursday {They're working on days of the week big time at school right now. He's really caught on. He totally gets it}). It's MiMi's birthday." So we called her and wished her a happy happy day. I hope it's great for her. I'll be honest, when I first got married, adjusting to in-laws was tough for me. It wasn't so much that they were the problem. I think it's just that any time you have to adjust to a new family and their ways, which are often very different from your own and your family's, it's tough. The cure for me? My two boys. Seeing how much they love my boys and how much my boys love totally makes my day. We are SO blessed to have such great family. I am super thankful for MiMi and PaPa. She doesn't read my blog, but I'l give her a shout-out anyway. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MIMI!

FAll weather is so glorious! I am LOVIN' it!

Has anyone else seen the new NKOTB (for those who didn't grow up in the 80's, that's New Kids on the Block) video? It's incredibly embarrassing. I really feel sorry for them. I mean, they're like 30's and 40's, and they're called "New Kids". That's just wrong. They're video with their shirts off and trying to be sexy, it's just wrong. It's all wrong. I saw it on E News one night. I wish I hadn't.

ROLL TIDE!!! I sure hope they show up to play. JPW, you can do it. Don't be scared.

Recycled toilet paper...bad, really really bad. My not-so-wise CVS deal from last week. I've learned my lesson.

That's all I got for now, folks. You got any random thoughts? I would love to see them. You can leave me a couple in my comments, or even better, you can do your own list. If you do, let me know. Peace out!


LeAnne said...

annie...i love your random thoughts on thursday!! makes me smile!!

okay...facebook updates ANNOY me when they make no sense!! the occasional inside joke would be okay but some people never make any sense.

recycled toilet paper...good to know.

and, of course, roll tide!!

Emily said...

okay..just so you dont think i'm a weirdo on facebook.. i'm probably one of "those" always online. i DO do other things throughout the day. i just dont log off of facebook. so i guess it always shows me as online.
and i love your random thoughts. do you write all these down as they come to you? i, too, have random thought but i'm too scatter-brained to put them all down collectively.

annieck said...

That makes sense. I have a friend who is always online on myspace. She said it's because she leaves her internet up. Makes total sense. I had forgotten that. :)
I have the weirdest thoughts. Most weeks, I just go based off of what I've thought about that particular Thursday. This week, I wrote down a couple of my thoughts from this week. I'm much too organized to write down things more than a day or two in advance, though.
I think you should definitely do some random thoughts. I would love to read them!

LeAnne said...

oh annie...i've gotta tell you that between your post and hillary's post on bumper stickers i almost hit at least 5 parents at he kids' school this morning...that's right, i was inspecting and thinking about their bumper stickers and/or magnets. HILARIOUS!!!

Leslie said...

i'm so impressed by how much you are able to post on your blog, read others' blogs, check facebook and write emails all while you are WORKING! :) you are so multitasking talented! haha! i'm kiddin' ya. i know you work hard at the office and home.