Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What a Speech...What a Woman!

My choice for Vice President...I hope you had a chance to watch Sarah Palin's acceptance speech tonight. What an amazing woman, what an amazing leader! I am stirred, inspired, and excited about a future with her as our VP. She is a candidate who seems to be a normal person, a person who understands the needs of us regular folks.

Palin and family, keep your chins up! I see you going very far...all the way to the White House!!!

The team I would like see lead our nation:


Shasta said...

I thought it was an awesome speech and it made me like her even more! I believe she was the perfect choice for VP!

April said...

This is so exciting to me and all women! I love her and I hope America make the right choice :)

Jackie said...

I agree!!!